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Micro Gripper

I know someone asked a long time ago about micro grippers and we discussed the Micro Gripper from servo City.

I got one and it is tiny! servo City says it is compatible with Hitec’s HS-55 servo or HS-5055MG servo and they are not kidding. The cheaper Tower Pro 9g servos many of us use, while they are compatible in overall size they are not compatible in servo horn size or the top molded shape of the servo which is important for this gripper. I picked up a new HS-55 on eBay for a better deal then servo City.

There are no instructions but if you are failure with these types of kits you can figure it out from the picture on the website. 3 screws are include, one is different than the others and is used to attach one of the fingers to the main assembly. The other 2 screws are used to attach the servo to the main assembly. The included washer is for the servo horn screw that comes with your servo. (Servo is sold separately from the gripper.)

The pictures on the site don't do it justice as to how small this is. It's like a baby robot gripper. I think it would be awesome on the smaller humanoid robots rather than using the rather large grippers you sometimes see attached (where it looks like the robot has lobster claws).

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I do like it, and do recommend it if you have a smaller robot.


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Nice instructional 1D video with a 3D effect.


Justin, Nice little gripper and video. The HS-55 servos must be tougher than the Tower Pro 9gs, because I stripped 2 of them on my Mini 6, by manually moving the legs. Are you using them for replacements on previous projects? Thanks for sharing. Steve S


I do feel like the Tower Pro 9gs are lesser quality. Knock on wood I have not broke one yet by manually moving them. I think the HS-55 are a little higher quality. They are lighter and their sound is softer then the 9g.

I was thinking about using these mini grippers for replacements on my Finley robot. But these are way too tiny to look right for the size of Finley.


The .stl files for alternate gripper design will be GREAT!