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Mic + Speaker In Jd

Hey Dj, if I get JD and add pandorabot will the voice come through his speaker or my laptops speaker.And also will my voice go through JD's mic or my laptops.Thanks.

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Awesome:) JD is real cool! You won't be able to put a mic in him or any robots. The robots make too much noise for speech recognition to work with a mic onboard. You will need to use a mic on your computer for generic speech recognition. If you're using pandora bot, we highly recommend a headset.



We are working hard at getting things ready for videos next week. I'm super excited to introduce the EZ-B v4 to all of you. It will blow your mind!


Can we interface existing cameras we already have with the v4 board's port? If so which type?


You cannot interface any camera other than the eZrobot v4 camera to the ezb v4. You can still use any USB camera that is connected to your computer.

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How do you get pandorabots voice to be heard through the EZ-B v4 speaker? At the moment, the voice only comes through laptop? confused



This issue was resolved when DJ added an option to have the pandorabots response come through the EZ-B's speaker a few months after this question was asked.:D