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Mic + Speaker In Jd

Hey Dj, if I get JD and add pandorabot will the voice come through his speaker or my laptops speaker.And also will my voice go through JD's mic or my laptops.Thanks.

ARC Background

Hey guys, I know this is a very short question but is there any way on putting a different background on ez-builder? Thanks Yours sincerely SuperCreagh

Adapter Plate

Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody had an stl file for the adapter plate: I am building an arm to attach to the press and to pass glasses and drinks and I want the design file to be as real as possible.So if anybody had the file then that would be greatly...

2 Servo Arm

Hey guys, I saw in the online shop a 2 servo arm with the bending wrist in the advanced stuff. Anyway i was wondering could i change the end servo to a clip and play servo and connect it to something else? If not will there be a bigger clip n' play hand than JD's one coming. Thanks.

Six Question

Hey Dj , I was wondering if I had all of six's legs connected could I connect more ez bits to the side of six. Thanks.

Design Function

Hey guys, I have a problem with the design function on ez builder. Is there a way to rotate the ez-bits so I can place them a different way? Thanks.
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