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Metadata File .Could Not Be Found

Greetings Kindered Robotists, I am trying to run the "hello world" c# example and its returning Line 0 "EZ-Builder.exe cannot be found" and EZ_B.DLL could not be found. This error is returned in MS Visual C# as well. I have not removed the Dll file or the .exe file nor have I changed the directories. Why cant the system "find" it. Prior to the disapearance I was working\experimenting with C# to "reinitialize" the Speech Recognizer as it "freezes" frequently and ARC must be restarted to revive the Speech Recognizer.
Oh dear! What have I done? Your help would be MOST appreciated!
Glen ,from Salt Spring Island

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I got that message when working with my speech recognition before. But, it was many versions ago. I still don't know what happened. Maybe you could reboot and clear the memory or something.
@irobot58 I think you need to copy ez-b.dll and ARC.exe to your documents/ARC directory (where you *.ezb files are normally kept).