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Mergeing Files

@DJ This may be simple but is there a way to merge two or more EZ-B files together.


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ok, a copy paste would be nice in the future because alot of the things that I've worked on are separate from each other ie: multiple sonar scan, servo's with the h-bridge etc.

I worked on each area separately for better focus on my part, o well........
@Putt_Putt You could experiment with merging the files manually, I have done this successfully with a couple of simple test projects.

You open each .EZB file with Notepad and then carefully copy & paste the segments from one project into the other (or first make a copy of one and use it as your end result file)... you need to get everything just right or it messes up the project and it won't load, or loads messed up.

For example I merged two projects, one with a servo and the other with a camera... I took the servo segment (Highlighted) and pasted it into my copy of the Camera project right under ConfigurationFormList near the top of the document:

User-inserted image

You save your third file as a .TXT and then rename it to .EZB

Now there may be much more to it with multiple items per project as per determining the start and end of "segments" (for lack of official term :P), and I have no idea how this might effect links between controls, but this might give you something to start off with... just don't expect too much official assistance as I am sure DJ has more than enough on his plate:)

I was only playing around with the .EZB files as a way to somehow make a broken down and printable list of my controls and their settings so that I can "easily" rebuild a larger project from scratch, and figured this might help you?

Oh yah... MAKE COPIES of your files before doing anything:D

Thanks, I will play around with your idea, It would be nice if EZ-B was setup in such away that you could merge different modules(.ezb files) that you have previously setup.
@ Putt_Putt Well I hope this helps you out.

I agree that there are many features that I wish were added, or modified... and I am sure some may even be on DJ's to-do list ;), but I also prefer function over feature so I personally hold out for bug fixes and stability first, then more pretties.

I have a fairly good feeling that DJ is sometimes run ragged with all the "please fix this or that", but have noticed that if one is polite, relativity patient and provides details and/or proof, he generally gets what we need as well as what we want shoehorned in there eventually:D Not intending any kissing up there @DJ, just honest observation:)
Awesome Putt Putt! I love your creative problem solving. "Theres more then one way to skin a robot" !
There's the plan , then theres the work around.