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Meet Apocalypse Wall-E

This little guy lost his arm in a civil war between humans who returned to walles wasteland he calls home. After being badly damaged Eva upgrades walle to be battle hardened because shes tired of defending him, so he never gets blown to bits agian! (Ya I made all that up) I picked up a 25 dollar walle missing a arm so well see what I come up with. For sure I want to use colors like grey and metallic steel and maybe add some lights. Yup ill just have fun with it instead of trying to do walle like everyone else. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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He needs an eye patch!


Is that a smaller Wall-E than the U-Command? Something about the size of the tracks and the neck in this robot tells me it's not the same as mine. (Shouldn't you put this thread in the 'Project Showcase' section?)

I hope to see your improvements real soon, I am curious. I bet yours is gonna bear an M-16 airsoft and look menacing.

'Come with me if you want to live' - Wall-E


Ya good point this is not the walle I need. Hmmm I will let the seller know and get a different one.


If this is smaller than mine, you'd have a hard time fitting all the servos/EZ-B/batteries in it - It is going to be challenging with the U-Command version as it is, so anything smaller would certainly be a pain (if ever doable).

I have listened to a song today that brought me back some memories - and also gave me an extra idea to implement into my Wall-E.

If I can make the 2 grippers plus this other new idea work on my Wall-E, I bet you'll put your hands down and agree I've done something different than the others. ;)