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Meet Cy

User-inserted image

This is Cy. He stands 4feet tall. Uses a Dell laptop for its head and to run the ezb software. As you can see has two arms and two wheeled drive system. Its been fun building and now starting the long task of programming.


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Is that an Arlo base? I have one too.... I want to use it so bad but my house is kind of small for it....

Nice Bot!
Can be an Arlo or Eddie platform...

Are you participating in a contest :) ? I see sponsors stickers everywhere:)

What are you using for motor control PID e.g. Kangaroo...


What you mean small ? A lot of furniture no space for navigation ?
Hey guys ,
Yes that is the arlo base(eddie actually) I got a few years ago. I too have a small place and it use to run into walls a lot. Since ezb, I was able to learn how to slow it down thanks to ideas already posted around here. Now I want it faster for when its outdoors use.
The stickers all over Cy are my way of showing thanks to all the vendors I purchased from that make up the robot. Like a roving billboard sign.:D
More changes are coming, like using an Acer tablet for the head instead of the big laptop.
Just started learning how to make preprogrammed arm movements. Found the process long and tedious. Also trying to get the five ultrasonic sensors to better keep the robot from crashing into things. Finally plan on adding an emergency kill button for when it gets into killer robot modes. Hehe.
Will provide more picks when I get the chance too.