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Mech-Warefare.Com , Cyler Omnibot /Rad 2.0 W Airsoft Guns

I found out recently that there are leagues of robots out there that do miniature first person and autonomous battles with nerf and airsoft weapons. I wanted to do a robot specifically with my little Brother that would really keep his interest and not be nearly as complicated as the Jarvis project. The walking bipedal is not avail from Dj yet but the good news is beginner class may have tracks or wheels! So this means cyler (this projects tag name at the moment) is eligible to compete. Ironically the local airport league also allows robots to play with people. The torso is a omnibot style , specifically a robie sr. I picked up a rad 2.0 base which will get 12v power making this robot practically all-terrain.

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This is my thread for this robot as I don't want to clutter up my larger thread. We have 2 airport guns on the way. Both have a 30 yard range , use 6mm bb .12 gram or others , 120fps , fully auto electric can and plunger and best of all..... 1500 round capacity per hopper. So he can carry 3000 rounds.


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Ok this is the cyber fully auto soft air , air soft gun. I found them for 20 each. IM just mounting them to pan brackets for aiming and I believe we talked about using a PS3 Bluetooth controller. I already played with this airport gun. We set out light bulbs and shot at them about 15 ft away , the bb went right through them.


I think we will make this guy partially autonomous , I think there are awesome possibilities with Ezrobot controller. , I already discussed this with my Brother and this robot is getting military style camouflage! If anyone has suggestions on making a effective camouflage that would be great. Also IM looking for options to make the robot quiet and stealthy. IM considering removing the rad motors and putting in continuous servos. That's a bit ahead but you get the idea.


LOL - speaking from some prior experience with airsoft gone wrong:) think kill switch :P

I used the luxmotion 2X2 base and mounted an air-soft similar to the one above with a camera through the sight for targeting.

The servo i was using to control the trigger broke in the fire position leaving it shooting at everything including me.

One of those Yikes moments. One thing I changed shortly after was to drop the airsoft gun and use compressed air for stealthier attack.

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HI Josh

A very good urban cam is dark grey with light grey stripes.

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This is from my war hammer 40k fortress . ( turrets ).


Yay the second cyberstrike airsoft gun just arrived today. Tonight i may do the camo paint job


Oh fyi this guns trigger is literally a on switch for the firing mechanism. So all i need is to make a switching transister to control the firing. im guessing firing would be right and left trigger on the controller.

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HI Josh

What functions are you thinking of making autonomous .



Roaming around and fire when it sees movement lol it will have a ultrasonic radar and l298n hbridge from dj. He will bave one servo for radar and two shoulder servos.

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So auto fire with manual override , same with movment

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How about reflexive movment when it detects hits , that way it can move out of harms way before you can react.


Hmm maybe.. Im possibly considering a rotating waist so it can shoot the target while running away lol

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lol run forest run

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torso twist is a very good idea.


Very good idea on the "reflexes" i though about a ultrasonic pointed forward and.backwards and if hes about to get stuck on somthing.low to the ground he stops or backup a little. This little going to specifically a outdoor toy but i think its really cool. once this one is made its my brothers nut maybe i could make a slightly different second one. I wonder if i can make him water resistant? Put the ezb in a little box that is mounted high in the body so runnimg through a little puddle wont hurt it.

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one mean gunfighter.

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will you be doing the mech battle thing to?


Maybe i could do like brett did with bob the omnibot and strip out the insides of the.tape deck and put the ezb inside it. Ill try to find bretts example picture. It was very creative!

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chech out how RC boaters waterproof there RC kit. they put it in a small food/sandwich box , with grommets where the wires come out.


Bret you should make weapon arms that you can switch out with bob so you can compete in mech wars. tracks and wheels are allowed in beginner class.


I picked up a 6 pack variety of camouflage colors. The 6 pack was 22 dollars. Half price of a can of rustoleum buying it this way.


I will take daylight pics in 4 hours. When I had alequa hold up the two airsoft guns to the sides of the omnibot i was like "this is sooooo cool!" This is going to be a fun robot for sure!

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It's Looking great josh the guns are bigger than i thought . Nice work.



Hi Josh! This is really cool! Its going to kick a...! I like the camouflage - and the Airsoft guns to the sides!


Daytime pictures show alot more than last nights. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I think i will leave the factory 6v battery location we will see. I need to pick up ply wood to make a flat top for the omnibot torso to mount to on the rad base.


Oh i plan on chopping the handle portion of the guns off as they are hollow and serve no useful purpose on the robot. The trigger mechanism is just a switch to give the motor that powers the gun power. So maybe i could use a switching transistor?


Also does everyone think i should leave the treads black or camo spray those as well?


Okay, I'm hooked! I think Bob needs a retrofit. But I do want to get another RAD base for him. Hmmmmm - the possibilities. Even if there isn't a war in my area, I could use him to torment the dogs. MUA HA HA HA


Great! That's the spirit Brett. My newfound madness for robots is contagious! =) well shoot up robot makers omnibot . We may not be a 6 million dollar robot but together we are 5.9 million lmao


Congrats! And happy modding! What were your plans with the arms of the robot?


Well I don't have plans at the moment ,one was super glued together and I broke it when I was initially disassembling the robbie jr.


I had to modify the rad base so Robie Sr could fit onto it....

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For sure Cyler has the Robo Tank feel. I was afraid it may not look good but I lucked out! Next I must cut a piece of quarter inch ply that will be screwed to the rad base top and the Omnibot torso will bolt to that piece of ply.


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This is the sideview that cannot be seen when the robot is sitting below eye level.


Nice - he looks right at home on top of the RAD base.


I'm pretty happy with it. Now I Must mount 2 Servos in the shoulders and connect the guns to the servo horns and I will need to figure out a way to trigger power from ezb to the drive motors of these guns for shooting.


Great news 30 bucks got me another rad robot! Woohoo it has the missiles too.

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Dude! Where do you find these deals? I need to find another RAD so I can mod B.O.B. into a killer robot. heheheheh


I find them on ebay and then post them on gold robot daily deals thread lol. Avg price is 50 after shipping.


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Hey Josh, here is the wiring diagram for a switching transistor. I have used it for a couple of things on my bot and it works perfect.

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Thanks! How many amps is that transister good for? That would be great for powering the IR illuminators and other things


Ps I cant wait to see bob shooting stuff up. We can call him Gunslinger Bob


I like that ... Gunslinger Bob. I don't know the amps for sure but you should be able to find that info for sure. But I use it to turn on my cooling fans, and to turn on some lighting circuits.


Im all about making cool names for the robots lol


One of the things about realtime control is a easy to use controller. I needed 2 of these at least if me and my brothers robots are going to shoot it out. We also considered playing at night using the first person view from modified ez robot cameras that had the IR filter removed. The 6 channel controllers that are wifi and also plug in with special cable to usb were 22 dollars each from hobby king

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I will try these out and may get another one if they work great


Dude, it said "this video is private" and wouldn't let me watch.


Sry your not allowed to see thst...... just kidding . I dont know what its doing. I cant figure out to change the privacy and when I go on the website it doesnt show the video is kosded hmm :/


Love the paint job dude! And the RAD looks so familiar... but with more parts:P

There, now I posted something on one of your projects... I will be getting "new post" emails for the next few years:D


Thanks gunner . I must say me and my brother had never done it before so we spent three hours painting the guy


Ok today I ordered three more cameras from Dj because rules for mech warrior competion indicated I must have a first person view camera either in or on the head or body of the robot. Ez robot wireless cameras are a perfect fit for this. I may even pop off the IR filter and add a few high output IR leds I bought and play at night. We shall see !


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Combining this order with the one a few days ago I think I ordered over 400 from easy robot this week.


Still waiting on my order so I can finish up my brothers robot. He will be happy to chase around the dogs cats and other critters in the woods lol


Ok so each robot is getting 2 l298n h bridge controllers. One volt step down converter and two arm servos. Firing will be triggered by h bridges.


Alright now that high torque servos and EZ Robot cam have arrived I can continue on my brothers warrior robot. It needs two shoulder servos installed and a servo horn attached to each airsoft gun. Cables ran from the motors inside tje guns to the torso of the robot. Also I must mount the cam , mod the cam for higher light sensitivity by removing ir filter and putting a few IR leds in the original omnibot eye holes:)


Whoop whoop lots of Frankenstein robot toy mods tonight.

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I'm doing this mod just like my robots. Alequa started to cut on it but came down with a migraine then a fever so I picked up the dremel and helped out.

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The first cuts were made

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I measured this thing probably 15 times to make it 10 5/8 long wheelbase. This is slightly longer than stock but rubber treads fit tighter without sagging.

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Using painters tape I taped off the back side of the gap and applied 5 min epoxy which takes about 20 min to cure to be solid.


Its too bad I canibalize two robots just for these mods lol.

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My secret to lining everything up is square dowels and three drops of super glue. They keep the two chassis's in perfect alignment so I can tape off and epoxy the main seam. The center section on both robots has been epoxied now I just need to do the vertical side seams

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Even after all the mods , glueing two a$$ ends of a chassis base together the setup still fits into the original topper....

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THat is nice! And going to be a powerful bot.


Alright more updates! I'm here with Alequa working on his robot..

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We finished the epoxy on all the side seams of the hacked up rad 2.0 bases. Also we started trimming down the handle to lighten up the air soft weapon and also improve the looks.

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Such a mean looking robot! This little dude looks like he could be home security:)


Thank you sir! Bret are you bringing a laptop or netbook to control your robot to maker faire? I'm getting a security table with the security cables to keep anyone with sticky fingers from walking off with them. I just need to make sure I get one big enough.


Alright, I mounting brackets and drilling holes for security cables to lock yours down so you can wonder off a while without worrying someone is gonna snatch your laptop.


Great news! My Feb order arrived. 2 ez boards and chip to repair an old one.

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Yup! Next we need to put in the lasers in each gun for targeting and run wire from the motors in the guns through the robots body.


OK I stopped at like 80 percent completion on this because I had to wait on the EZB for him. I picked up the parts to wire a charging jack. I'm using a basic headphone jack for a charging port and a basic toggle switch for power on/ off.

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OK so I wired a power switch to the battery , a charging circuit to charge even if Cycler is on. The base is two rad bases put together. One gearbox makes noises like it has rocks in it. I'm thinking of lubing it with a heavy grease. All that's left is touch up paint , mount base , screw arms on, wire tip 120 transister to trigger the air soft guns to fire. So its on the last stretch and then we test.


OK so we are connecting the tip 120 to trigger the air soft guns from a single digital pin. Also we are picking up a couple gamepads to make it easier to control. I found a great deal for a pair at best buy. Once the guns are connected we should be ready to test and configure controls today.

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Is that price for the pair of controllers, or for just one?


That's for a pair , or 24.99 each. They are 2.4 GHz wireless too.


Sweet! I may have to get them. Dude, I am moving and unpacking this weekend. Hopefully I can find that laptop and get it sent to you soon.


Yes that.would be great , on my budget I need it lol , like robot building on a fixed income.