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Maxx Steel Toy

I thought this may give some design ideas.

Maxx Steele

User-inserted image


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United Kingdom
This guy is stupidly rare over here. The guy I got Melvin from (before he was Melvin) had one for sale when I picked up Melvin, I was tempted!
Even this one is $400 with shipping. I cant see the appeal for that price. However for someone with a 3d design skills and a printer this has details worth copying onto their robot.
Yes he is a rare one, but for that price and not working, it doesn't excite me any to spend that kind of money :-{
and.....the "main" criteria is....does it lift a can of cold beer?:D .....but yeah 400 dollars and not working is crazy. I guess being the last one on the planet has its price *stress*
I didn't realize it was that big till I watched the video at jdebay link. I love those old commercials!:)
I to miss those commercials, time were so different back then, seems like life was simpler and tv was so much better, now it's all that reality crap. I often have heard, how did we live without the cellphone? Well we lived just fine, perhaps I am just getting old, but if one of you guys would build a time machine I would love to go back to the 80's :-}
@stonewolf I agree entirely with you...refresh my memory regarding the commercial so I can look it up:) Speaking of "time machines" .....my robot under construction will be using a "time machine" as in the HG Wells book maybe you ment the 1880's ;)
Glen , Here's the link to that 30 sec commercial in the link given above:

Stonewolf , Cell phones? How about rotary dial phones and microwave ovens? Remember when it took 30 minuets to reheat your leftovers in a regular oven? I don't miss that.... However back then you didn't see stupid people texting in their car on a rotary phone. ;)
United Kingdom
I would loan you my time machine but every time you paid me to have a go in it I'd send you back to just before you paid me so I would get all your money:)

Edit: It would make more sense if I went back to just before you paid me than sending you there, yeah that would work:)
Thanks Dave I never did see that commercial ...to the best of my recollection...but Alpha bits were my favorite cereal, coated with all that nasty sugar...soon after cavities *stress* Thanks for digging out that commercial:)
@ Rich or Dave anything to do with time machine stories/vids are my all time favorites...remember the series
TV series Time Tunnel
but I think your (Rich)about 20 years too young for that one;) . Oh oh I feel a thread hijack coming on by ME
I'm embarrassed to say I named one of the dogs I had in my past after one of the Characters in that show; Tony. *blush*