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Maximum Gripper Size

One of my planned projects is solving a Rubik's Cube. I originally bought the Wild Thumper 4WD Chassis With Gripper, but the gripper did not open quite far enough. The cube is approximately 2.25 inches, so I would like the gripper to be able to open to approximately 2.5 inches. Do any of the arms on the shopping page open this far (or farther)? Thanks.


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Hi. Njso , the rubics cube is very large. You will want to use a couple high torque servos and make a custom gripper specifically for manipulation of the cube puzzle. Ive even seen people make them from legos and super glue. You can make them from wood plastic or metal. Personally I prefer wood because it is very easy to work with.
might check VEX robotics for grippers and lynxmotion,for better ones at high cost robotshop
Hey saw this older post and thought this youtube video was great.

Wow thanks Tymtravler! for the YT contribution..it seems most grippers are very unique to their application. Our own hand/cake grabbers are a marvel of evolution!:)