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Making A Ir Illuminator For Low Light Or Dark Areas

I have 150 or maybe more ir LEDs , most are flat top wide angle and others regular 5mm round tip LEDs. I also have many 20, 000 McFaul white LEDs. My idea is two things. First is a ir light coming from the accessory door at all time and another couple rows of white that can power on seperatly to light the robots path. I was thinking of putting maybe 20 ir LEDs in a circle inside Omnibots eyes. So anywhere it looks it has good illumination. Also I thought I could have maybe 20 LEDs or so in each eye that are superbright. I could give a command to "give me light" or somthing to that affect so the white LEDs are triggered to power on and not only let the bot see better but he could be "holding a flashlight" for me.

So two things , IR led lighting for low light illumination

White LEDs - can power on to see ALL colors better as IR shows up in all blue I believe to the camera. Since my bot will eventually vacuum it would be neat to see a strip of white light come on like a vacuum cleaner does when in cleaning mode

Question; so im getting opinions if this should work with ezb, or if I need to use a certain wave length / IR led. I know there are at least three kinds. Is this practical? Does it mean I would practically have night vision? Thanks guys !


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Hello from what ive hurd of digi cams is that most will see in dark if there is enuff ir illumination and that a good way to see if your cam will is to take any it remote "tv" and point it at the cam press some bottons and watch one the screen for a bright light comming from the remote it allso good way to see if the remotes working lol i use it alot


Depending on the camera, you can also remove the IR filter so it can even see with less IR illumination or see heat objects (to make it an IR only camera, remove the IR filter, but replace with a piece of unexposed developed photographic film (ie all black).

Or, if your bot will be carrying your computer along, you can get a USB IR camera with its own illumination. They can be tough to track down. I got mine at Frys in California a few years ago, and I have seen them at computer shows, but never in a real computer store other than Frys.



Ir night vision cameras do not process colors correctly. They use high brightness, low contrast black and white images. Maybe not entire black and white, but very low color.

All CCD cameras will pick up infrared.

As a test, do this: use your phone camera, or regular camera. Turn out the lights. Turn on the camera. And point your tv remote control at a price of paper with writing on it (a book page). Press and hold a button that repeats on the remote(volume key). The ir will shine like a flash light that only the camera will pick up.

With enough ir LEDs, u can use them as a flashlight.


Yeah, the IR camera I have automatically switches between color (a little washed out, but usable) in bright light and B&W in low light or when the IR LED's are the only illumination.

Since it doesn't have an IR filter, it also sees heat sources extra bright, so people or the cat show up really well, while the background is kind of dim.



I tested this , kinda cool , looked uv. I pointed my remote control at a ups label. Ofcourse I'm suggesting adding a light with easily 100 Times the lumens output. But even with my phone it was legible.


IR camera is great for seeing in the dark. Camera without IR would not be able to see in the dark. IR Camera are available in the market with different frequency and comes in a wide range.


you can buy very low LUX camera's ,that can pick up total darkness it has a video output so you need a video to usb adapter,

I bought mine for a underwater project i made ,its ROV a robot that goes underwater is best way to say it

and it see's very very good in almost total darkness , they have so many types of small CCD camera's and CCD board camera ,MINE I got was a board camera .01 lux witch is super low low light