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:) Make Professional Robot Case Cooling Vents For Fans

Much needed venting modifications , How to !

Most robots need venting to maintain proper temperature. Fact is the hotter electronics get the more watts they draw and in some cases can overheat. For the.longevity of your equipment you should plan to add proper venting. Venting can be done neatly and in such a way you blend them into your project, this is the standard size most the electronics industry uses.

Step one! Find a power supply or case that has the standard honeycomb pattern vents. Also pick out a drill bit that will slide through the hole but its super important there is zero play.

Second step - use vents modestly , they only.need to be slightly larger than the fan that will be drawing air through. , find a good place for your fan on the inside of the case.

Third- like up your honeycomb template over where you want your vent , be sure to count the rows left to right and vertically so you won't have any stray holes accidentally drilled. sing masking tape works well I'd you need to make more than one vent.

Fourth step- carefully line up.the holes to be horizontal against any edges on your robots body. Hot glue it in place with several large gobs. Don't worry these pop right off si smooth plastic. Drill your rows of holes and make your desired pattern.

Extra step! For those who want max airflow , on the inside of the case you are venting you can UAW a unibit or counter sink bit to make a cone shape on the vent on the inside , this decreases resistance and is proven in increase airflow by 15 percent (that's a lot guys) so you get the most out of your tiny fans...

(Click for actual size)

(Click for actual size)


(Click for actual size)

My biggest challenge is making the left and right side appear to perfectly match , fortunatly this pattern provides a optical illusion , as long as there are the same amount of rows horizontally and vertically your eyes don't pick out that they really are not the same and maybe not.perfectly aligned the same.... This turned out really well I think .

(Click for actual size)

(Click for actual size)

Ok here's the final product of the rear vents , I was really sweating this and gritting my teeth hoping I would make a dumb mistake as this would be visible.lol . I will do a couple on the sides as well as I need a 4 reasonable sized intake vents. What do you guys think?


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Pattern drilling is really hard to do and make it look good. That's a good tip about using a template!
Thanks Dj ! Just finding simple ways to mod bots everyone can use.