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Make A Wall A Trash Robot From Scratch?

I saw this in two scenes of wall-e but he's beefier and doesn't seem to have a head. Maybe use this for pooper scooper or sweeper bot? Any thoughts? Maybe a rad 2.0 base? And maybe spinning brush too. I made drew this to explain what u saw , maybe convert a walle toy or from scratch robot?
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lol, i actually looked up the wall-a based on your old post. didnt find any pis...awesome drawings.....

but then your bot would have poop allover it.....
@jstarne1 - this is all my Google-foo powers could come up with for pics of a Wall-A.

Linky: Pixar Wiki for Wall-A

Check out the Gallery toward the bottom of the page. There seems to be a good, yet very small schematic of the Wall-As there (edit: click on the pic to get a larger size!). They also mention that the Wall-As are in the Wall-E video game so you might be able to get some good shots of them from there as well.

Hope this helps! I liked the Wall-As in the movie too.:D
That's a way giant tank dude! Wow
Bret, you are the master of eBay searches. I don't know how you find these things.

Better than for poop, it would be for snow.
Add a rotating brush to clean the walkingborder + to shuffle the snow inside and it will press nice xxl-sized icecubes for your whisky:)
Lol if only I had snow as often as dog poop ! Lol , but it wouldn't just be for that , I am thinking of attaching roomba parts to the bottom for vacuuming/mopping as well. So it would have multiple uses. Right now I'm building a omnibot but this idea is already in the works.