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Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Found this. It may be of interest to some. Thought I would post it. May can use it with the EZ-B.

Quote from web site: "It uses an AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder to measure the absolute position of the rotor of whatever motor you're using. This is actually pretty exciting. Powerful servo motors are expensive, but with one of these, you can use whatever motor you can get your hands on. Big DC motors are cheap, but even used DC servo motors expensive. Best of all, the encoder is open source and you can score a kit version for a paltry $20. Now we can make that 8 horse power servo."



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Very interesting. I've been trying to think of a way to keep track of a modified servos position.;)
@rgordon and Antron007..that looks like a good board ...except its **huge** ..imagine trying to get that near a rotating gear or shaft etc. I like the "hall effect" idea for sure because by having the component only, close to a rotating magnet and the other components elsewhere, I think it should work well(with more scripting) Here is one really simple circuit, near the bottom of the description. I too have a number of modified circuits I would like to "keep track" of:)

Hall effect Description and circuit