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Mac Adres

my question is not ez robot related,so i understand iff there no support possible.
i need to find a mac adres from a robot.i try the app fing but it doesn find it.
i ask the companie to look it up and unbelieveble they cant see it.
so is there any other way to get the mac adres.

thanks anyone


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the app says connection failed..
put your mobile phone 30 cm or more in front of the camera..

test different distances to read it.

a possibility:
defective camera

different possibility
software defect

or software not compatible

I hope you find a way to play.
mac filtering is off.

when trying to connect the robot ears lid up at surten time and distands.
Smarty, it is saying connection failed because it is trying to connect to Nomad's home network, and he has MAC address filtering enabled because his neighbors are A$$hats and keep hacking his router, stealing his internet and locking him out of it. If I ever go to Belgium, I am going to take a baseball bat and show them how American's deal with people who hurt their friends ;).


yeach i hate it too.and i have a baseball bat to.
batt needs to charged now.in the app you gave says connected to my home wifi.
so that means the robot is connected to my home wifi.so i put the mac adres in,
engenius,lets hope.i will now in few houres.when batt is charged.
mac filtering is not enabled in engenius
Cool! Good luck with it. It looks like a fun robot.

the sound is very imposant loud and clear.it just said my batt is low and sit down.
maybe this is a good thing for ez robot.when jd says my batt is low,to sit down,
insteadt off faceplanting.
Yeah, we were talking about that recently. You can have a script that monitors the battery and have it sit down when the voltage is just a little higher than the cutoff point so it is in a safe position before the servos all release. That way the EZ-B itself doesn't need to know anything about what AutoPosition or script needs to run to make your robot take a safe position or if it even needs to (Adventurebot, doesn't matter, Roli, doesn't matter much, although the arms can flop. Six would be nice to take the compact sitting position, and JD matters a lot because he falls down).

found the problem.smarty was correct.the robot dont start his camera.
to use the camera the robot must be in stand by mode,withs is solid red chest button.he doesn go in to that.so the robot dont say camera started sucsessfull.

User-inserted image
again, open a paypal-case. its to much money for this.
its a really cool robot and you get him in the next time.. but It is my fear that he was kid you. he send you a wrong, non working robot.

you can write a message to:

this robot coming out at the end of the year..
there is no End-Version at the moment.

the buyers last year from https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alpha-2-the-first-humanoid-robot-for-the-family#/ get him..
but I think the developer version only (at the moment).

perhaps http://www.ubtrobot.com/en/ "Ubtech" have a new firmware for you ?!

ask www.ubtrobot.com and start a paypal-case at the same time..
you can cancel the case, if the robot is working fine..

you have only 60 days to open a paypal case
i allredy send ub a mail.there is a end version now 2.0
the version end this year is 4.1 version
there comes an update availeble in the future.
i both one from indiegogo.anwers off ub are very confusing and far from accurate.
and the manul looks for the 2.0 version not the 1.0 version.
am waiting for answer from seller,i ask copie off the robot che both.
if the robot not works in 14 days i contact paypal.
is a mac adres local related ?
i just found my android was to low firwire.got a new one.
No, MAC addresses are essentially unique to each device (they are supposed to be, but some devices, including the EZ-B can have the firmware of the wifi chip flashed so could get the same address). Assume they are unique.
some improvement is bin made.he just said how can i help and stand up.
bummer the server is out for maintenance. *eek*
yep found the mac adres.using an app calt find mac adres thru BT
in few sec it shows up in the app.

1 connect your robot with phone BT
2connect your robot to pc BT
3then use the app

app looks like a radar.
is this chedule for engenius good ?

User-inserted image
this sets your WiFi as enabled only from 11 am unail noon I believe. I wouldn't mess with the schedules.

I think we had setup a reboot of your router on a nightly basis. It has been almost 2 years since I set this router up for you. Unfortunately, I am beyond busy right now with a lot of other things. I won't be able to connect until maybe July 22nd. That all depends on if I have everything ready for a meeting later that week or not. Maybe while I am out of the country and work isn't hitting me with questions on or around July 28th I would be able to connect and get everything set back up.
hi david

the robots do connect,sometimes a hole session and sometimes 5 min.
i ask this cause there's another robot in the mail.and this connects thru ,
qr code.and i was able to find the mac adres with a radar scan for BT,
an it find all mac adresses,pretty cool tip from alan.
i do have lots off time sinds there is also a problem with there server.
if the robot has seen the qr code it chould find the server too.
but thats not reddy yet.so take your time to rest also have famely time.

thanks for your respons.
anyone knows what these errors mean ?

found it means server is under maintenance.