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Hello @jorgelastra1,

Back at EZ-Robot, when we were selecting Hardware for an IMU sensor we started development with the popular MPU9150. Unfortunately, right after we completed the design the chip manufacturer, Invensense, made it obsolete without warning. The world's supply of MPU9150s was gone in less than 6 months. We moved onto the MPU9250 and developed the code for it but it wasn't the same form factor of chip so the board had to be entirely redesigned. EZ-Robot didn't end up remaking the hardware because we lacked faith in Invensense. We moved onto using an IMU chip from STmicroelectronics, and the design was completed and opened up by Synthiam last summer, see here: https://github.com/synthiam/E-43_Inertial_Sensor. You could make your own if you'd like.

I believe that EZ-Robot was still planning on manufacturing this board but I would get in contact with them to see if that's still the case.
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Thank you for the Information - I would like to know if EZ-Robot still planning on manufacturing...I would like to get one!
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hi jorgelastra1

ez robot is no longer from dj its sold.you can conact ez robot and ask them.
there is also a notification button on there site.
dj does only sofware now.thats why it called synthiam arc
ez robot sensor