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Lte Ez-Robot Connectivity

*Disclaimer: Do not relate what I am about to ask you to Terminator's SkyNet. However, we hope it to be much friendlier:)

In an internal "moving forward" discussion, the topic of WiFi range was brought up. We notice many individuals would like to have a much longer range. However, due to the bandwidth limitations of long range Source/Point communication (i.e. synapse), we would be unable to utilize that style of prehistoric technology. And, being ezrobot... we're all about the future and pushing technology to the limit, right?:) Yes!

So how many of you would be interested in an LTE EZ-B v4 in addition to wifi


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I have 5 phones on my account. While I would love it, my data plan would hate it. It's a great idea and I am sure that I would make a robot that uses this feature.

I would personally rather see the cloud feature but I'm a data guy.


The more technical amongst us have already worked out numerous remote access methods, but I think having a plug and play type solution would probably sell well.



I've got Grandkids that keep my data plans at their max, can't afford higher data plans. I've only got 2 and 1/2 acres to run robots on. WiFi extenders work for me.


DJ, that sounds like an awesome idea as it would allow for longer range. However, i think if you're going to move to that direction, I would rather be be a design like most cell phones that can use either lte or wifi connectivity. With having some sort of control saying to use wifi first and failover to lte if needed. I would be all over something like that.

United Kingdom


I am certainly all for longer wireless range, and I like your thinking. As Alan mentioned, some of us are using a similar method. Myself for one, as you might be aware of, am currently using a VCN remote app on my iPhone which can use a 3G/4G LTE cellular signal as well as WiFi which is great and can give me worldwide connectivity if needed.

This would be a very welcome addition to a future EZ-B and I would certainly be on board with it, but as neuromancer pointed out, having the option to switch between WiFi and LTE would be a better option than having an all out LTE connected device, because of cellular data plan costs ect that some users may not be happy with in some countries. But as technology moves forward and data bandwidth and speeds increase, data prices should come down too.

So to clarify, yes I'm certainly up for LTE connectivity, but with the option to choose between that and WiFi.:)

EZ Robot pushing the technological boundaries... Right on dude. cool cool cool

And hey, there's nothing wrong with SkyNet. It was just a poor lonely AI who was having a REAL bad day. :P


Oh - yes of course wifi still:) we wouldn't remove functionality!


With this LTE would it make the robots seem more autonomous as if they didn't need the computer or other device to function?


Every robot that does amazing things, such as ezrobot, needs a computer controlling it. Even Honda asimo is wifi connected to computers. Mars rover, etc... So LTE would let you control the robot from anywhere in the world.

Putting an entire computer inside a robot is a waste of energy due to the added weight and size. Think how heavy your laptop is, and now consider putting that into a robot:)


As long as it works on Tmobile USA LTE ( I'm slightly biased) , I am all about it.

I have been playing with LTE for remote desktop on a bot for a minute. Simply because I want that long rang option. The idea for elderly monitor bot for example (weebo for elderly) would be great if I could have a ezb VPN a "ez robot network" from point B back to point A at my place where the controlling pc is.

Second note. Keeping with the EZ brand it would be great to have a friendly interface that allowed the ezb to create a web server on board so it can be accessed through ARC or ez robot website while the ezb is connected to a open wifi internet connection OR LTE add on like DJ has just suggested. The LTE option really add fantastic portability opportunities for mobile robots. In the end customers have begged for three things for a few years on the forums when regarding wireless technology

  1. Robots remotely accessible.
  2. Robots that are truly mobile and wireless
  3. Robots that can telecom video and audio.

If we get LTE you'll be seeing the EZ robot logo up on the moon