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Love The Cams

Love the cams thats vary cool
what is the little elcove to the right of your workbench DJ


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United Kingdom
"Action packed office"... nobody is there:) but I guess it's the middle of the night over there.

Cool little feature for the site though.
United Kingdom
Where's the link?

Found it!

I wonder when we can drive a robot around the office and watch it on the webcam
United Kingdom
To be honest, I doubt that would be too difficult at all, I can drive Melvin around from any PC running ARC (well, if he is powered on). But go one better, fighting robots, the next level in online gaming, combining real world with online.
United Kingdom
Sounds awesome Rich

I'd be just happy having a Skype audio call with the speaker and Mic on the robot and watching DJ on the webcam talk to you via the robot. If that makes sense

'Goes off to create a Robot Skype account'
That's a great idea!

It looks like a small kitchen
If its in real time DJ & Co you can sleep easy
you now have online security ,no charge :)
Fighting robots remotely controlled... Sure that could be done! I'm all for it.