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Resolved Resolved by Wolfie!

Looking For The Code To "Stop All" The Scripts Running In A Scriptmanger Window


When I am using and EZ-Script Manager (an amazing feature), I have scripts that are running on a loop. I would like to (need to) be able to have another script that kills (stops) all the running scripts in that EZ-Script Manager windows or at least the ones I tell the code to stop.




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This should do what you need


ControlCommand("script manager", ScriptStopAll)

I just tried it on mine and it works great
Beautiful, thanks Wolfie. I just wasn't sure on the syntax of how to use the SciptStopAll. Very appreciated!
Your Welcome @ZionPhil
I remembered seeing a post about it some time ago so I went looking for it for you:)
Glad I could help:)
The third tab of the editor dialog is the Cheat Sheet. This is a very powerful tab, as it automatically generates code for you based on the project configuration. This tab analyzes the project and determines what functions are available from each control. The ControlCommand() EZ-Script function is how you programmatically set parameters between ARC Controls. The Cheat Sheet tab will display all available ControlCommand() parameters for all controls in your project. Clicking on a ControlCommand() in the list will be added to your script editor.

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For more information on editing scripts, visit this link: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=1003
Wow DJ Sures ! That is extremely helpful. All makes sense to me now. Thank you very much.
Cool I did not know that:D Thanks @DJ Sures