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Look What I Just Score!

Yesterday i went Xmas shopping for some toys for my nieces and newphew and I spot this truck, i was very happy and immediately grabbed it for EZ-Robot hack of course. This thing is quite big, has motorized tracks (forward, backward) and pusher thing in the front, it is a lot bigger than my Wall-E U-Command so more space to work with, may be extended the front for snow shoveling robot similar to DJ video, that is if we even have snow in TX this year:)

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Dude sweet. The snow idea is a good one going to have to add it to my growing list of bots that I want to build.:D
It's from Ross store. This was the only one there. I'm thinking to cover up the side with some thin aluminum sheet and have EZ-Robot sticker on it when its done, would be awesome:) Now where can i get some EZ-Robot stickers?
"Yesterday i went Xmas shopping for some toys for my nieces and newphew"

Did THEY get anything? *eek*
Of course, every year, just not this one:)