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Longer Wires

I'm working to customize JD.
Are there longer wires available that I can purchase?
What type of connectors are ports D0-D23 so I could make my own longer wires.

If I cut the existing wires and extend them say to 50-100 cm are their any communication issues that I need to be concerned about? In other words, are there any length restrictions?



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They are called servo extension cables ... an ubiquitous item and easily found in the DYI section in online store here... I have used up to 48" no problem... That being said the longer the wire the more resistance (voltage drop)...

FYI.... If I were you I would not post personal info in forum posts....
As RR said you can easily extend your wires with these prebuilt cables. He's right to avoid too long of a run because of voltage drop. However you may be able to cheat a little by using larger wire. Just cut the end off an existing cable and solder splice a larger good quality stranded copper wire. Solder the connector you cut off the cable back on to the end of the new and larger wire.

You will lose voltage across bad or too many connections so make sure you do solder splices and keep your connections to a minimal. ;)
Thanks for the help. I found the extension cables an ordered a 20 pack