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Local Charger Replacement

Hello Everyone,

Recently, my charger stopped charging JD. Is there an alternative I can run to a local store and buy, so I don't have to wait for a replacement to be shipped out? I'm eager to get back to exploring.



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United Kingdom

Any balance port charger will do, there are many around which are pretty much the same as the one EZ-Robot ships.

Here's one


@jstarne1 Looks like it's on back order. I was actually hoping to find one that is sold in a local store or somewhere that will ship quickly.


Have you tried eBay? If you buy from the US seller you should get it in a few days...


Any hobby shop that sells RC planes or cars should have what you need.



Yes, but I when I search for "Balance Charger", I don't see any offered by usa sellers. User-inserted image


LOL - please disregard that last post, I just realized I was stuck in ebay uk after clicking the previous link :-) there are USA sellers that have it.

Looking around now.


I have that charger. for it to charge, it has to use the two connections in the T connector. It does not charge through the red,white,black cable, or I havent figured out how to get it to do so. It uses this connector to monitor the batteries. I will see if I can figure out how to get it to charge through the 3 wires and let you know for sure this evening.

It does work great if you have only the battery, but the ones that are internal to the robots, I havent gotten it to work yet. I have not spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get it to charge the batteries that are internal to the robots so there may be a setting I dont know of.


@d.cochran , thanks. That's good information because I have the JD robot with an internal battery. I think I will buy the one @richard recommended: Balance Charger


Actually I think I am going to take my own advice and buy one.... ;)


askwpcoach, I use the turnigy charger that Josh listed. Works well with built in power. I checked availability and it said 10 in stock, but you have to click on US warehouse. Mine was shipped fast.

Turnigy charger US


@steve thanks for the update, I just bought the Turnigy, they have a warehouse near my home so I will be able to pick it up :-) .


I bought the Turnigy Charger this morning and have already picked it up from the warehouse - amazing. JD is now charging perfectly.

Thanks for the link.


Great news, now you can work on that JD Halloween video! Steve S