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Lipo And Adapter

Hello everyone,

I was wondering how to connect the lipoh battery to the adaptor that comes with the developers kit. Should i just cut the cables and put them into the adapter or is there a different way to do this


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More or less yes. The lipo is design designed to connect with a mini dean connector. You can order those. Some members have been selling them to one another. Or like you said, cut the adaptor so you can use the power plug that comes in the developers kit.

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Here's how I did mine if it helps. I cut the mini Deans plus off the battery and wired it in to one side, either the male of female side, of a plugable terminal block (as the battery wires can be a bit thick to fit in to the barrel jack that comes with the dev kit).

The other side of the terminal block, female or male plug is wired to the barrel jack using some smaller grade wire that fits nicely in to the barrel jack terminals. When I disconnect the battery for charging I simply unplug the terminal plugs. Its a nice, solid and reliable connection, and the terminal plugs are cheap as chips and any spares can be used for many things. Always handy to keep some laying around. Hope this helps.:)

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Awesome thank you all for your responces and I apologize for my late reply somehow the site was down for me. I will try cutting the adaptors and connecting the power plug that way, when i get another battery ill try the dean and try something like steve. Once again thank you