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I have one idea. take your robot, and set it to go forward. Then, using the camera variables, track where the line is, and if say the left side variable is triggered, have the robot turn left a little until it has the line in the center. It may zig-zag a fair bit but it will work I think. Give me a few and ill make up a script.


You'll have to make that yourself, there is no pre-made one... Any line following kit that works with Ardruino should work with the ezb too... ... The ezb has no trouble reading analog or digital so you can buy a generic line following kit for Arduino and add it to your project...


Here's one I wrote. Other people please check! I can't test it.

yatakitombi, You have to set some things for your robot. I noted them in the project. Also, your tracking grid has to be set in a way that leave a little bit of space beside the line on both sides. Also, the farther away the camera is from the line, or the smaller the line, the better. Lighting needs to be good. And one more thing, the line must be red, blue or green.

Heres the project file: Linefollowingrobot.EZB

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The line can be any colour, or even a combination of colours for different routes to follow. Just use multi colour tracking.

However the camera may not be the best way of doing it. An LDR (light dependant resistor) and LED should work better. The light will reflect from light surfaces but not from black.

There are plenty of tutorials online for line following robots and their circuits, the same principals can be followed for the EZ-B as are used for Arduino, the scripting is just different (but far from difficult).


ill be putting my robot like this arena Line Following... but i dont have any idea yet what device i will use camera or sensor for line following... i need your opinion guys because in my design i need to finalize what material to be use for implementation...


@Rich: i have circuit design for line following using LDR but the light condition make my robot like a blind... if you have better idea can you please share? because this is my project in school i cannot implement my robot if my design is not finish and the materials to be use... thank you..