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Lidar Lite Sensor From Trossen

Here is a new LIDAR sensor from Trossen that might be useful for those wanting to map a room.

LIDAR lite


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Yeah sparkfun started selling that guy too a few weeks back. I'm excited for it as brings the cost of LiDar much further down than the $400 spinning LiDar sensor from Neato Robotics. LiDar is also very useful in outdoor applications.

That sensor is manufactured by a new company called Pulse Light, here's a link.
@Robot-Doc Appreciate the heads up. I can see using those. Faster response and better range than the HC-SR04
The Neato Robotics complete LIDAR assembly is available on ebay for $75 to $100 now. You don't have to purchase a complete Neato vacuum cleaner just for the LIDAR anymore.
@Robot-Doc, I did a search and found one that worked out a controller to make it easy to use. It costs a bit more though but it looks like it will save you some headaches.
Neato Lidar with Teensy controller
I've go a couple of those. Direct integration with ARC would be very nice.