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Lever Servo-Motor Stl File Question

pls help i need to download the whole STL parts of Lever Servo-motor...

there's no download link for the body and top parts...

guys! if you have a copy of Lever servo - 180 Degrees for 3d Printing (STL files)... pls give me i really need it so badly...:(

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The files which are not available are not required for the servo brackets. Those parts are a place holder for the servo only. You do not need to print them.


@Rich: how to attach these two files? to make it work...


Take the back off your servo (remember they are made to fit ez robot servos) and replace the back of the servo with this part P23 A-01.STL.... Then the second part attaches to the servo output shaft and also to the first part you just installed....


To download all the stl files:

  1. Open ARC
  2. Click on the project tab
  3. Click on design
  4. Select servos from the drop down list
  5. Then when the list is populated you will see an information icon under a shopping cart. Click the information icon
  6. You will see each printable file that makes up the part along with a save stl button for each file
  7. Save the stl file to your computer
  8. Print/modify the stl file to suit

On the website only 3D-Printable parts allow you to download the stl files.

I recommend using our servos with the designed brackets since they are sure to fit, they are the same price, stronger and will operate at 7.4V unless you have already bought the towerpro mg996r servos:)

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