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Just an observation, and I may be missing something here but in the Learn section I have completed all of the lessons that I can see however the progress bar at the top shows 28 of 29 complete and only 96%

Is this just a temporary "bug" while the learn section is becoming populated or have I missed a lesson somewhere along the way (I only count 28 too).

Awesome job with the lessons by the way, I am loving them:)


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it's a temporary bug:)

Thanks man! It's been a lot of work - I miss sleep:D
Well, it's a bug that will be fixed shortly:) Since it's not seriously bad it won't be rolled out right away... but when I finish a few more things:)
United Kingdom
Not seriously bad? I don't think you understand just how much I don't like having 100%;)

Nah, just spotted it the other night and thought I would mention it in case it has slipped under the radar or something.
For sure! Thanks! I'd already fixed it (internally, not live) yesterday, but it's always good to make sure:)
It's an intentional bug Chrissi has implemented to drive you crazy Rich. She told me about it herself!

PS awesome job for completing them all!
It's not hard to drive @Rich crazy... Just spel not good and right bad gramar...:P