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Hehe, found this on youtube, I just love him!


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It is amazing what tricks you can play on peoples emotions with visual appeal:) I think someone here should make a robot like that! Cut out a peice of your old 1970's shag carpet and glue it to some servos Hahaha

But seriously, someone should consider building a furry robot. You can cover an existing shell with the outter material of a stuffed animal - something like i did with my Cookie Monster
Yeah, definitely. Maybe I'll do it, but it'll have to wait. Gotta start working on my drawing robot arm first. Got the hardware today, unfortunately I will have to work late today so wont be able to get started *stress*
Some say our brains merely interpenetrate things around us in a way that helps us function - but in fact the world around us (energy and matter) could be very different to how we see it. The furry cute robot is an excellent example of this. It appears almost a living thing by giving us all the cues we look for in living things but our layered knowledge of what makes up living things tells us it is a machine. So in some ways, the traps of perception may be telling us robots are not so different from us as we may like to think.
All the posts I see were 4 years ago but I thought I would add that I am working on putting in an ez-robot EZB4 and servos into a stuffed animal (Chocolate lab stuffed animal to be exact). I have it fitted in the plush animal and am using the Galapagos bot structure and programming. however I'm having a lot of difficulty getting it to walk correctly (the gait). Maybe it is because of the hexapod body? maybe if I used JD enclosure? I tried using the ATAT program by DJ but not sure how to orient the servos to get it to walk like the ATAT. if I got that right Dj basically got the dog moves down with the ATAT. Any ideas on how I could go about getting the walk working or how to more easily use the autopositioning? I will post what I have (not much) if anyone is interested. Thanks.