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Resolved Resolved by Nomad 6R!

Led Voice Recognition

I'm sure this has most likely been answered but I did search prior to asking. How to I hook up LEDs in order to use them with voice recognition? For example where would I hook them on the v4 and how would i program it come on and off when i would say "lights on" "lights off" basically making lights for eyes in a helmet and would like to control leds and 2 servos inside the helmet by using voice recognition lights on, lights off, and open close commands

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solder a led from 3 volt on a white ( signal ) and a black ( negatif wire ) .
you can use any port on the ezbv4. then choose the window PWM set the port you want.
then make a script pwm(d0,100) off and pwm(d0,0) is on.sometimes its the other way 100 off and o on.
depent on the color.for two eyes is twi pwm windows and two prts.
then in speech recog typ L E D  on in first colum in the second colum typ pwm(d0,0) for on.
Outstanding, seems simple enough. I will try it out. thank you very much for the reply
Only use the pwm() command if you want to control the brightness. The pwm() lets you set a value between 0 and 100 for brightness

i recommend using Set() instead of pwm(). Because set() is merely on or off
hi dj

indeed that works better.no need for pwm if you just want on and off . excample set(d0,0)
Thank you DJ and Nomad your responses are greatly appreciated