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Hey, i believe you can set it up as if it were a controller in the ARC but you would need to setup actions before that mimic a regular usb controller using some sort of leap configuration tool. I haven't setup a leap motion before so i'm not exactly sure how you would go about doing that, but you should be able to find help easily online for setting up the leap in a way that you can possibly use it with ARC I hope this helps please let us know if you were successful.


If you can get the leap motion controller to work like a plug and play controller that windows can use ARC can be configured.


There is an app in the Leap Motion store called Game Wave. It allows you to map key strokes based on multiple hand positions of the Leap Motion. Those key strokes go into the OS and whatever window is active. So if you have ARC as the active window and any script window that allows keystrokes within ARC, then you are in business.

Here is a video demonstration of me using the Game Wave for Leap Motion, ARC and the AR parrot Drone.


Thank You friends! I'll Give it a try on your sugestions. I'll let you know witch one works better.


Game wave it is a good promisse... Thanks.


Since I use Roborealm for a few other items I figured I would point out that the leap motion is now also supported and roborealm can send and receive variables from ARC.

The drawback is you need to buy Roborealm seperately.


I'll add support for leap motion then - no need to pay for roborealm - that's just silly to pay for software:)



That would be an awesome addition.

That will allow for all kinds of interesting things to be done. Hand motion control six perhaps:)


Here comes DJ to the rescue! Thanks! That will be awesome. I'll stop breaking my head right now trying to make it work and will wait for Dj's solution. It gives me time to deal with other things on my robot.:):D


I really didn't enjoy the leap motion at all - I think it's a terrible controller:( I will try to make it best I can:D



What specifically did you not like about the leap motion?



I think it's the whole premise of having to move my hands over a little device - which is funny because that is what it is... It doesn't feel natural.

The largest challenge with it is explaining to a child or someone who has no understanding of "how it works" because they move their hands all over the desk and wonder why it isn't responding. The leap motion has been a terrible retail item for Best Buy due to that reason.

The fact is, there is no way to "Fix it".. because the problem with it is itself haha

Maybe once I allow you to assign servos and read it's data through EZ-Script variables... maybe then, you will have something awesome and make me want to love it:D


Bah Humbug - I've got one of those gathering dust and waiting on a win 8.1 driver.


well.. my goal is to use that as a "joystick, making my robot Movement Panel ( and arms) respond to my hands gesture...


Hi DJ, could you add Kinect to work with EZB too please?


I bought 2 of these a year before they were released to support the production of them. When I got them I was so very disappointed in the results. It was truely just another thing to tinker with. I do computer animation on the side and always thought it would be a great motion capture device for hands. Well a year or more later and thats kinda their focus now. Using it in VR games, etc.