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Latest Update - It's Time To Show Some Appreciation!

I just finished reading the latest update and wanted to add my two cents. Personally, I understood when I placed my order that it was a "pre-order" for a new product. Being such, I anticipated that there could be delays or other unforeseen problems, so that didn't worry me. I believe that the EZ-Robot team have created an incredible line of products, at extremely good prices, and I also believe that the team is doing it's best to meet their deadlines. Since this is a new to me product, I'm eager to get my hands on it, simply because I want to learn more about robotics, but I'm also patient enough to wait.

To those who absolutely have to have their products now or their money back, all I can say is that you'll probably regret the decision. To those like myself, who are willing to wait regardless of possible delays, I say "Bravo!"

Helping to get a respectable Canadian line of robotics started is something to be proud of, particularly now that robotics have become such a fast developing enterprise. Right now, I'm more anxious to hear about what EZ-Robot has planned for the future than I am to get my hands on my order. I'm really hoping for something similar to the AR Parrot drone, except that with modular parts, it'll be infinitely modifiable.

To the EZ-Robot team I say Bravo again, and thanks for all the hard work.

Dan Payment


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Well said and thumbs up!
well said @dpayment, nothing else to say, but chill.

Wow Dan, that is really nice to hear - thank you so much for the kind words! Means a lot to our team:)

We haven't had many cancels or issues with customers - but for the few that had emailed us, I wanted to address their concerns in the most recent order update video. I know everyone is anxious to have their hand on Revolution, and boy I am even more anxious to see what people are going to do with it! The anxiety is mutual:D
i have to wait 2 years before robi is finiched.have no problem waiting .
think this one issue one part off a robot.and there are many parts in a robot.
there are 70 issues ,
After waiting now, why would you cancel? That would be like dropping out of high school 2 weeks before graduation. At least I knew upfront the wait would be long. I've canceled some pre-orders because they've showed up at my local stores before I'd get them in the mail. I have a V3 so I still have something to play with until I get mine so I guess it isn't so bad for me.
I plan on ordering only after EZ-B has a full stock room filled up and/or if someone could supply information as to who the
USA distributor(s) that will be carry the product.
@RoboHappy... at the rate the pre-orders are selling, you might be in for a wait... ;)

Infact, I'm guessing atleast a two months for it to be back in stock. That's why I preordered. :D