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Laser Pointer!!!

we can use this right....with a digital port.....on and off correct?

laser pointer


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That draws too much current only a regular standard 5mm led can be powered by ezb , get you one of those relay kits for arduino and it will use signal from ezb to trigger on.
but it states it runs on less than 5v......
Volts is not the problem , 25 ma (thats .025 amps) is what ezb is rated for from a single output which is the average led. A laser probably draws between 100 ma - 300 ma maybe more. Just check the current draw on your laser diode and make sure its not more than the servo output current rating. It's in ezb manual.
how do i use it? the transistor i mean....i would love to add a laser pinter....

this transistor like the infamous hall monitor.....i dont know how to use them,
Go to the URL that Choyster lists. That will tell you how to use the transistor. Also DJ had a really slick jpg of the TIP 120 showing a wireing diagram but I tried going back to get it for you but it had been moved. May be DJ will put it up agian.
Here's the diagram Bookmaker is talking about.

User-inserted image