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Kinect - Ez-Robot - Star Wars :) 2

Hi everybody!
I was working a lot this days!
I have integrated Ezb with my kinect, now I am working in the exterior of my robot R2D2, here some pictures of my work!


Here you can see that I can control my robot with my Android Nexus 7:)
User-inserted image

A picture of my Ez-B v3 with my tablet! (Pleasee! I want the new version!):)
User-inserted image

I am preparing my mini itx Pc, I will put it inside my robot! everything is gona be inside! with out cables!
User-inserted image

Thanks everybody!


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Great work @edison2! Can't wait to see it all together, the kinect being added should make for a very interactive robot!
Very cool Edison,

What method are you using to interface your connect with Ez-B?
I am conecting the ezb to the computer with bluetooth, and the kinect with a USB cable, everything to the internal computer.

In muy program I am using the SDK of Ez-robot and the SDK of kinect the last version..

@skater_j10 thanks! I think I will finish the next week.
Very interested in this. It would be a great addition to my 1:1 R2 project.

So much potential.

Great work edison2
Hey Edison,

Just received my Kinect for Windows and want to use it to integrate it with this 4WD rc truck project that will climb anything it can and avoid climbing things it can't. Specifically, I'm wanting to use the depth sensor for object avoidance, the IR camera to follow humans, and the accelerometer as a tilt sensor to climb until it's level at the top of hills. I had been messing around with the Neato X11 Lidar but find it inferior to the Kinect.

Any sample code or example files you have I'm sure I could tailor them to my desires. I don't have visual studio but apparently I won't need it for the EZ C# SDK. I have used the C# SDK for things prior to the ARC scripting language handling variables and logic.


Edison, great to hear from you. Is there any chance of you sharing your code? The community has wanted to use the Kinect for quite some time.

Your R2D2 is coming along fine. Keep up the great work.

@MovieMaker ok! I can do for you and for everyone a little version of my program with skeleton tracking, Are you using and Hbridge? or only modified servos? and I can give you a modified version of my program for your use?
Hbridge, what language do you have it programmed in?
ok! maybe today or tomorrow I will upload my program:) the code and the program for non programmers