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To my knowledge you can not. If you have an interest in using the Kinect sensor I would recommend RoboRealm vision software from

Their vision software now has an ARC interface as well as a Kinect interface. RoboRealm would run on your Windows PC and control the Kinect sensor and be able to communicate back and forth with ARC.

Alternately you could use the various Kinect .NET SDK's and examples to make your own Kinect software interface to communicate with ARC but if you are not already an experienced .NET programmer I highly recommend you avoid that option.

Trailing off subject a bit, but there are some new 3d cameras like the Kinect coming on the market soon, one is from Intel and I think when these come out in the next year or two they are going to be smaller, smarter and specifically designed for Windows 8 and higher. I personally think they will make the Kinect look like a toy.

That's my 2 cents.


Thanks justinratliff I am glad that you told me because I happen to have roborealm.


Asus makes a 3d camera as well and it has a free sdk , it is about half the physical size of kinetic too.


Used first gen kinect are going for $20 in my area, wish I had time to play around with the EZ-ROBOT SDK.