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Key Control Not Cueing Scripts

when you type


controlcommand(scriptstart, "left")

it comes up with an error in the debug.
when i type


controlcommand("left", scriptstart)

it doesnt do anything. and the quotation marks mess up,
when i tried


controlcommand("left", scriptstart, "left")

still nothing.

has the script cue changed?


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Use the click & paste option. Click on Cheat Sheet in the script dialogue and click one of the available options below and it pastes it in for you.

The syntax is


ContolCommand(WindowName, ControlCommandParameter, [value])

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You must have a script named "Left" for that to work.
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A quick video example of click & paste and that ControlCommand works just fine...

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What's the error? It will tell you where the error in the script is and why its an error.