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Keep Gripper Closed While Moving

I added a gripper to the galapogos bot as a "horizonal servo" attatched to D23 and it is working fine. How do I keep the gripper closed while the robot is performing other actions like moving forward. Right now it seems to open up while performing any of the actions. I think I could create whole new frames/actions but I just want to know if I can check a box somewhere to maintain the last know position of d23 while it performs the other actions already created. Hope this post makes sense....I'm new here to EZ robots. Thanks


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It sounds like that port is defined in your auto-positions. You can either set the position you want in each frame, or delete it from the autopositions.



I deleted it from auto positions but when I perform any action it still opens up rather than remaining closed.


Every frame needs to be modified if you add a new servo. The servo will default to 90 degrees for all frames. If you want the servo to open and close, create two new frames for that and set the positions of the gripper, respectively.

To prevent the gripper from moving while walking, set the frame position of the gripper to -1

The -1 value means "ignore".


Thanks, the -1 ignore did the trick! Much easier to modify the frames than create whole new frame/actions for the movements.



You can also use the "Fine Tune" button when editing frames. It allows you to set all of the newly added servo positions to something other than the default 90.