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Asked — Edited

Just Wondering? :-}

So is there any news on the homefront about preorders shipping, it's been along winter and my winter project isn't getting anywhere :-{


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You got an email saying that they will post an update 2-3 weeks before shipping ? So we're at least that away still then? Not surprising really considering they said in another thread a couple days back that the designs for the ABS parts weren't finalised yet - so if it's a full robot you've ordered I don't think those are even being manufactured yet! They were supposed to have shipped by now. From what you say your email said them that means the promised ship dates have been pushed back again yet again:( 5-7 week lead times - yeah right. About time they started being honest and updated their customers with some actual dates - and stick to them like every other real company has to. They keep saying how lucky they are to have such an amazing community - they don't know how lucky they really are.
Here's the actual email:

"Thanks for your question! We are beginning to manufacture all of our products this month (March 2014) and will begin to ship order shortly after (in priority order based on when the order was made). Our team is extremely excited to share our hard work with all of our amazing customers around the world, including yourself! We will have another product/shipping update in the next few weeks from our CEO, DJ Sures. We will try our best to give solid shipping dates (though exact dates will come 2-3 weeks immediately before products start shipping). I hope that works for you!"

Honestly, you've waited this long, so it shouldn't be that bad to wait about 20 days or so.:P
United Kingdom
They have been up front and honest throughout the entire pre-order phase. They have said that pre-orders will begin shipping in March, there are still 19 days left in March.

This has remained unchanged.

Recent changes to the STL files will reflect the changes made for the moulds, this does not necessarily mean manufacturer has been delayed. Release of the final STL files for those wishing to 3D print their robots has been delayed.

All items in the shop have a disclaimer stating that they are still in pre-order.

The forum is full of information regarding this including the video where DJ explains and announces it...

Hope it comes soon.. If not by April I think I might cancel CC payment. I order back in beginning of year.
United Kingdom
Pre-orders began in September last year, they are being shipped based on when they were ordered. I don't know the sales figures or the quantities being manufacturers for shipping in March but having placed your order only at the beaning of the year may mean you might have to wait a little longer...

Once shipping begins I am sure EZ-Robot will announce it. If not you can be assured the forum will explode with posts about the order status being changed to shipped.
Rich, I really don't want to debate with another customer but it has changed and it really should be EZ answering not members of the community. Have a look at the shop. It's does say preorder and that the lead time is 5-7 weeks. They then changed it to March when DJ did his last vid, but it looks like cupcakes' email says they are only going to begin 2-3 weeks after they have given a further update (which hasn't happened yet) and that they are proposing to do an additional shipping update even before that which will be over the next few weeks. So according to their own email it may not be March and it won't be all of the customers that get their deliveries at that point .... Some people (not priority) will have to wait even longer. Who does that affect? I agree that the guys that have been waiting the longest should get their kit first, but we will all be overdue on delivery so we should all be a priority to you EZ! They should be telling everyone openly now and not just responding to individual people on a one to one email basis without giving the same information to others - it's not the right way to do things. So I agree with stonewolf in asking for his update. Where they have taken payment upfront, is it unfair to expect the stuff we have bought to be delivered when they say? If they can't do that and they are proposing to ship orders at separate times (based on order date) then it's reasonable to at least receive updates individually with our guaranteed revised dates as they can't deliver what was originally agreed. The reasons for that may be complex and relating manufacturing delays or difficulties, but that is what companies do...they manage that. I really don't want any update saying that they don't want to give firm dates because they may not be able to keep them or vague estimates - please give us firm dates and then work to them. For cupcake they said wait 20 days or so, I could handle that but I don't know when he ordered - he may have been way earlier than me.
Ok so dads just called the cc company and asked for the payment to be reversed.

Oh well, good luck guys and I hope you do eventually get your toys. DJ it makes no odds to me anymore, but you have some good guys that are getting proper pi$$ed with the silence and vague delivery dates. Sort it out .... You DO have a great community, it sounds like you do have a great product, just give them clear communication and don't just rely on the product .... It's a business too.

Bye guys x
Sorry if I stirred the pot on this subject, I originally thought I was ordering the V3 kit back in November 2013, I didn't know I was ordering a pre-order on the newer V4. I order because I wanted a winter project to do and well it has been one heck of a winter here in Indiana. I have gotten the body setup and all of my servos and things ready, just need the V4 to see how everything will work, then I can primer and paint and bring this robot to life. I understand about the problems that come with getting a new item produced, I am not mad, just anxious, everything is somewhat at a stand still for me until the V4 arrives. I don't want to make ripples in the water guys, we are all in the same boat here.
Hopefully things start rolling and deliveries start coming, with the way the economy still is, money is tight, so yeah it will be nice to have the product in our hands, rather than hearing inspirational messages of what is to come.
United Kingdom
I'm sorry you feel that way. There have been updates including the video update I posted. It is also clear on the store pages that everything is pre-order. It's been mentioned several times that orders will be shipped with those who ordered first receiving theirs first and the rest of the back log cleared as soon as they can.

I'm not quite sure what more you can expect to be honest. We were told March, it's still March, if there are any further delays I am sure they will tell us. They haven't done so as of yet, nothing has changed. EZ-Robot's customer service is second to none to be honest.

If you contact EZ-Robots with the Contact Us page they will cancel your order, there is no need to have to ask your credit card company to reverse the payment.

Good luck with whatever you decide to choose in the end.
Thats what he gets for using Chinese factorys, They are just too slow. I know cause I was told to use them at a previous job. I hated
dealing with them. We finally got smart and used local board houses. Sure it cost a little more, but the products were delivered
in less time, despite design issues even. I really dont buisinesses that greed in front by trying to be cheap about it. Build an buy USA!
United Kingdom
It's sad to see people like Andy leaving the community. There's obviously a lot of passion so it will be interesting to see if there is an official reply to the comments.

In fairness I have been emailing Jason over the last while to obtain further detail as I found that information on the forum was mainly being focussed on the technical subjects with no recent update on shipping - even though it's supposed to be getting close. A number of the replies were similar (although not exactly the same as Cupcakehat had). They all pointed toward delay - or certainly for the people that ordered during the later stages - or for anyone that has ordered the revolution robots rather than just boards. Jason did send me an email yesterday where it said that DJ was planning on issuing a new update personally very soon and that he would leave the details up to DJ rather than preempt things. That is really encouraging news and I hope it puts everyone's minds at rest, but I think it is likely to confirm that shipping is almost there for very early preorders but that later orders that were supposed to be 5-7 weeks may be double that. As stated by Cupcakehat, Jason told me they were almost ready to ship orders of just electronics from around June 2013, but that ABS parts weren't there yet so were delayed. He estimated a week to clear each subsequent month. So orders made at the start of this year could be 6-7 weeks from when they start shipping.

Now it's so close it just seems so far lol.

I think summer / autumn projects are more likely on the cards for me than winter or spring projects !

If these shipping dates are the case, then a simple forum update should be fine. Don't worry about doing video shoots which take longer to set up and arrange, just do a simple announcement as it's more important to communicate and stop people's frustration than to produce glossy vids.

a chain is as strong as its weakest link

andy you need more then 1 project els you go nuts from the waiting.please stay *sick*
It sort of no win situation when a company has to delay shipment of anything. Ideal business operation is when you have customers that want a product and you have more than enough product for the customer - everyone is happy. Like an all you can eat buffet, with endless steak fixed just the way you want - that's ideal. What folks are feeling is they are at an all you can eat buffet that is out of steak, but they should have some soon.

Instead of being at a buffet, the customers are awaiting a product to make their robotics "dreams" a reality, something they probably have a lot of passion about, have been dreaming about, they have money in hand, ready to get to work, ready to buy, but have to wait. No one ever really likes to wait, do we?

So, folks are going to get upset and leave the line. I think that's just part of business. Have you ever been to a busy restaurant on a Friday night (date night)? Had to wait for what seemed like forever for table and probably saw several people come in, find out how long the wait is then leave in a huff? But you stuck it out because the food was so yummy. And at the end of the evening you were glad you did.

To me that's what EZ-Robot is - the best product for robotics. I own tons of other products, but EZ-Robot is really the only thing I want to use anymore. It's just too much fun, cool and easy!

I think it's ok for folks to leave the line, everyone has to make their own choice. And from my prospect I think the team at EZ-Robot is doing fine job managing the obstacles of growth and releasing a new product with new manufacturing.
United Kingdom
Hey Justin,

I accept your views and in a lot of ways you're right, but if you book the table for 8pm and then get told the table won't be ready till 8:30 it's a little frustrating. You still wait because the food as you say is yummy. But then the maître d' walks right past you for another hour and still hasn't seated you at the table.

Kind of annoying when each time after, he walks but wants to show you the plates of food for the other dinners - telling you how he has tasted each and how much you will really like the food. Then walks on past again saying he would like to tell you how long the wait will be, but that he doesn't want to be held to the time so would rather just leave you wait.

God I hope the steak is as good as it smells !
people are too much familiar about the speed off internet.many thinks and feel when you order something it allreddy arrive,
at your door.so i focus on what els can i learn.aldo i feel bad for andy.i seriues hope he dont give up.
that will damege his personality.NEVER GIVE UP.
jayceekeys .i whent to pizza house and have some yummy pizza whit bread cheese in the oven .
when we arrived and they give us a table ,the server had chifted from group.and the one who had my order,
has left whit the note off my order.so we sat there for 2 houres when the manager notest us.
so he came and ask what the problem was.he sorted the probelm and came back to us whit a BIG APPOLEGIES.
then he said we could eat and drink all we wanted for free.it was the best pizza ever.and this is a real story.:D
I agree with Justin.
I thought waiting over 3 months for a EZB v3 kit from RobotShop was a long wait, almost ridiculous.
Now having 3 EZB kits, I feel fortunate.
It has been the best investment in robotics that I spent!
If I quit now, I would have to say my current robot is better than I originally thought. So many advancements in ARC.
I am so looking forward to the new EZB4, camera, and maybe the AIMEC EZ2 Robot.
Steve S
Cheesy and yes, an oldie... "Winners never quit and quitters never win"... Every time one of you guys bows out, just means I will get mine that much sooner...;)
United Kingdom

Can we have an update on where things are regarding shipping please:)

Jason did say that there would be an update this week and I know you were aiming for Thursday but there hasn't been anything yet and I can't seem to get any replies from him since.

All the best,