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I got my ez complete today and after getting a bluetooth adapter that worked. I got my ezb up and running.:) Unfortunately that's just about it. I tested the camera and it works fine ;-). I just finished playing with the http server and was rolling around with my tablet. Super cool. I'm gonna probably use that feature quite a bit.

I didn't get to spend as much time with it today as I would have liked but I'm happy.

Oh, I suppose I should show you what I did manage to get rolling around. Not a whole lot of engineering on this one. I just tossed this together. I have a caster for a 3rd wheel. I looked for a small ball caster at home depot but had luck. A few pieces of a 1977 erector kit I came up on over the weekend. And the superb precision and technical sophistication of masking tape. I think I'll call it ScriptPony because that's about all it's going to do, is run test scripts, until I rip it apart and try something else. I can't wait to dive into ez script.

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That's something though:) Something that you can now play with in ARC


Looks great a small seed will become a great oak someday, you sir are an oak.


@tymtraveler- "I'll be your Huckelberry."

Thanks guys. It turns out nobody bothered to remind me that I'm not an engineering genius quite yet. I'm very happy that the EZ system is so awesome . You could tape some servos to a piece of cardboard and be off and running. Once I get a little further along I'll turn it into a project and put it in the cloud. It's still all running off of example code. I also still have to add the top brackets. Partially for stability but also to mount arms and camera.

Weight is a concern. I really wanted to use the erector pieces I just found because they're vintage and, as a fan of humor and irony, I thought 2013 robot made out of 1977 parts was a grand example of both. ;-) It's heavy though. Most of the weight actually seem to be the batteries. I'll get it finished and take some pics and vids while I build a new body then I'll be taking the wrench to it. (I can't afford to buy new stuff every time I get a new idea.)

As far as control and ARC is concerned, I thought it'd be easy but once a got a working bluetooth adapter it was incredibly simple. I had to re-watch a vid or two because DJ is using what I guess is an older version. The http server was nice and easy. I haven't explored any of the cool camera functions beyond connecting to it and making sure it worked.

Well, errands to run. Then back to the robot thing. Thanks again for all of your help and encouraging words guys.

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Tape some servos to cardboard? Have you looked at Testbot?

Yeah the ARC in the videos is an older version, it changed about 6 months ago to the ribbon type menu but it's still pretty easy to find everything, easy to use, and in the unlikely event you get stuck it's easy to get help. I can see why it's called EZ-Robot:)


Yes I didn't have too much trouble. Everything had the same names. I did see testbot when I very first stumbled upon ezb but I confess there's so much going on here it got lost in the shuffle. I've started a new project and added basic modified servo Movement Panel and the camera control. Stabilized the hardware a little big. I got some velcro to help with servo placement. I see the erector kit going to the wayside soon. Things just don't quite size up right. And the caster is a little too big. It's half the problem. I've got some ideas. It'll do the job till I decide what I want to do.

Thanks again.