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Just Made The Order For The School Program

1 JD 1 Roli 1 six 3 dev kits some batteries and chargers.

I am 3D printing parts to build Patriot 1 (mascot of the school and the first custom built robot at the school using EZ-Robot). It is going to have Rapiro's head and a yet to be determined body. We will also build some sort of a rideable platform or vehicle for him to travel much more quickly. The students will decide what all he needs to be able to do and what he will look like (other than the head). I will be recording the program and supplying the videos to EZ-Robot. This is going to be a very fun year!


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wow big order.4 times big fun.project is awesome. you have an rapiro head?


I printed it. its available on thingiverse. I would recommend using the one that was chopped up into 8 parts, and then using some acetone to bond them together. I used ABS and combined Acetone and some wasted material to make a paste/filler for bonding these pieces together. I have them sanded and ready to paint. I wanted .1 mm layer height on these and I couldn't get it to print without going to the chopped up version of the head. It has printed without an issue since then.


i didn know it excist.i know the rapiro robot.are you gonna post some pics? great to hear your printer is ok now.


We will be. I want the students to document what they are doing with the program. Its gonna be great for the students. My hope is to be able to have the students show what they did this year at the end of the year. We have a HD recorder that we will be using to record a lot of the work being done. Once it becomes an "official" project, there will be a write up and some videos.

Thanks about the printer. It was a frustrating process but I couldn't be happier with how the printer is printing. Really good quality printouts. I had my doubts for a bit, but it really did turn out nice. I need to do a few more things to it like build a box around it. I get sick of my office being hot so that there are no layers that separate from other layers. I will get to it sooner or later depending on when the parts from EZ-Robot arrive.


your hope will be reality.there's nothing better for kids and teaching robotics.


Rapiro head chopped up for easy print

I then used about 1 part Acetone and 1 part filament that was used to print the face to make a paste that was used to bond these parts together.

All Rapiro parts

There is a lot that I dont like about this bot, but there is a lot that I like about the head of this bot. The school's mascot is the patriots. This head, with the ears will look good for this project because it can be painted to look similar to the logo (like the NE Patriots NFL team logo).


here the original video.


d,cochran, That is great what you are going to be doing with the students. I am sure the students will have many interesting ideas and plans. Looking forward to the feedback and videos of their EZ Robots. Steve S


I will be using the six, roli and jd to introduce the students to robots and the ez-buider software. once they get comfortable with it, we will start working on Patriot one. We will 3d model him and print him out and build him. The head will dictate his size and i am sure he will resemble jd at first and will build out from there. The goal is for Patriot one to be at some sporting events and class room activities. Because walker bots are slow, I see a vehicle in his future. Three dev kits will make that happen for sure. I also have some other parts that will be donated. Its going to be a fun year. I love watching kids be excited about learning. Having no barriers to learning is something that i had with computers many years ago. I remember how excited I got when I wrote my first program. I cant wait to see this in these students.