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Just Bought A I-Sobot Robot Off Of Ebay.

Hello everyone :-} Well I am still working on my robot Roamin, just about done with the body and everything else, just waiting on my preorder V4 and a few others things I have on order. I came upon a pretty good deal on Ebay. I bidded and actually won a I-Sobot robot with the remote control and box and manual. Only been used a couple of times, so I figured I would give it a try. Do any of you know much about the I-Sobot, figured it would give me something else to tinker around and experiment with. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Dude... let me give you some good advice... A credit card, alcohol and eBay are never a good mix... I have 3 George Forman Grills to prove it....

Good fine, though....


my friend bought one of those 3-4 years ago and I played with it for a bit... it's a cute novelty toy


@Richard R. Yes I totally agree with you about a credit card, alcohol and ebay, but the fact be known I rarely drink and well I would never do use all 3 at once :-} Someone on Ebay was selling the I-Sobot for a price far below what I have seen them, so I figured I would throw in a bid and well to my surprise I beat out 2 or 3 other bidders and I freakin won, I was surprised. I was much surprised when I finally had one a Omnibot 2000 robot several months ago and well now I have created a pretty cool build out of that. As for the George Forman Grills, I am a pretty damn good cook, so I will stick to using a pan and flame or even my grill outside, guess I am just oldschool :-}


not to get off topic, but you're right! Summer is here and grilling outside has begun:) I'm pretty stoked to start barbequing. I was thinking of getting a bbq for the office!


@DJ Well like I said I just wanted something to tinker around and experiment with, my robot Roamin is around 3ft tall, so having a 6 inch or so robot to be his sidekick might be a cool thing :-}


@DJ You need to work on a robot that will grill for you, I would think with your intelligence and abilities and your team, that you could come up with something :-}


Please don't recommend the Grill-bot.... those things are a joke...:P Who would buy one LOL.... But yes, BBQ season is finally here... don't forget the beer, though... :)


stonewolf, I won,t cast the first stone. I have been guilty of all three. Numerous times. That's how I found EZ Robot! I enjoy this forum! L.O.L. Great comments and feedback. I looked online and it looks like a cool robot. 17 degrees of freedom. The movement looked promising. It looked R/C and more type controls. Maybe it can be converted to an EZB controlled robot? Looking forward to your discovery. Thanks for sharing, Steve S


@Steve S I will see what I can do with I-Sobot, just gives me something else to work on late at night when there isn't anything worth watching on tv. Ya just never know what I might come up with. By the way my name is Steve also :-}

@Richard R Well Roamin my robot could possibly be a good robot to grill things, but being that he is mainly plastic that might not be a good idea. This talk about grilling is making me hungry for Turkey Ham slices on the grill :-}


As for the I-Sobot I bought, I will probably be repainting it to match my robot Roamin, once I start painting it is hard to stop, plus it just gives things a better look.


My tip is be extremely careful when using it. The servos are extremely small and even light bumps can damage them to the point of breaking. I recommend using a pillow when it's not in operation. Other than that, this robot is pretty cool. have fun! :D


@Cupcakehat Thank you for the heads up warning for I do not no much about the I-Sobot, I have never seen or handle one before, except for what I have seen online. So pretty much what you are telling me is to be very careful and if I am not using it, store it in the box for safety purposes.


i got one are some hidden commands. 2A 3A 43A 112A 113A 114A 121A 122A 123A 11B 12B 214B


@nomad18.08 Thank you for the hidden commands, I will give them a try once I receive my robot. I am just curious to see what things a robot of that size can do.


isobot can do alot.its got an rc-mode p- mode sa- mode vc-mode many pre instalt alreddy motions.lots off sounds. dont forget isobot uses very high rechargeble batteries.from excample GP dont use normal he eats them whitin 10 min. there are lots and very cool video's on youtube.


@nomad18.08 Thank you for the videos, it is indeed very cool :-} I will just have to see what I can do with mine.


That last video was so funny. The only thing that would be funnier is, if the dinosaur was purple (Barney). Very creative. The first video did not make I-sobot look too delicate. Looking forward to the possibility of an EZB operating it. Steve S


@Steve S I to notice that in the first video, the I-Sobot did seem to fall around and not break, I think it's just how you treat and take care of the robot. Now if you let it fall off a table or down some stairs, then yeah it's going to break, heck even I would to :-} I will see what I can do with it :-}


its a strong robot.insteadt excample mech rc robot,thats real junk.the legs just break in half. you chould see the drunk animation off isobot,whit its allreddy instalt on the isobot. :D