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Joystick Pad Scripts

I'm looking at the mobile app for SIX and can't figure out the connection between the joystick pad (on left) and the movement it triggers. I also have 7 script controls in the window and think they might be related but don't see the linkage. It would be nice if the type of control was in the title bar as it took me a bit to figure out these were script controls.

So here is my question. Are the script controls tied to the joystick pad? How?

Is anyone working on a ARC for Dummies? I'll buy a copy. :)


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It uses the movement panel. Read the tutorial by clicking on the Movement Panel words that are in blue in this message. The learn section is your dummy book :). It is full of activities to get you running.

All those words that are blue in my message, click on them. The learn section contains activities that explains all.

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OK, so the joystick pad is the same as the pad on the Auto Position control for F,R,L,R.

What are the 7 script control for then?

Thanks, John