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JD's speaker is a pressure fit in the case. Simply remove the speaker from the ez-bs case. If you want to install another speaker, see the breakout hack tutorial.


It is not a plug. you will need to remove the EZ-B from JD, open the EZ-B case with a screwdriver, and remove the speaker from the bottom of the case.

This thread: has photos and instructions for adjusting the contact springs when the speaker doesn't work. You could use that as a guide for removing the speaker instead.



Take a Philip's screw driver and remove the 4 screws in the ez case... pry out the speaker from the bottom half of the case then screw the case back together. .. That's it.... your JD will be quiet now...


Send a picture of the speaker,I don't know what the speaker looks like.


Dont be lazy, search. Dohh.


Flip the ezb upside down... you can clearly see it in the bottom case... BTW Why did you start multiple threads for the same question?


@deborahcrain The thread I linked to in post #4 has a picture of the speaker with the case open.

@proteusy please be nice to the noobies. We try not to be a "search before asking" type of forum, particularly because the search engine here is not very flexible. (we are a "take the tutorials before asking" group because they are very good and answer 90% of questions, but this one isn't answered in any of them).



@Alan. .. I don't know about that... Moviemaker could really benifit from using search.... Since he can't remember what he had for breakfast let alone which ezb uses Bluetooth and which one uses wifi.... He's basically a noobie ever time he logs onto the forum....:D


@Richard R, yes, but he has reasons for that which I hope to never have to experience. I still think the search here is very difficult to use if you don't know exactly what you are looking for. I can find things that I know I have read because i can remember enough of the words in the question or answer, but if I just have a question, I often can't find threads even if I suspect it was asked and answered before. I don't mind if someone asks a question and I have to point them to the thread or tutorial it was already answered in. I think we need to have an adjustment on the "solved by" function to allow credit to be given to the original person who answered, not to the person who knows how to search. I already had one of my answer credits transferred to oldbotbuilder because he solved something and I just pointed someone else to his answer, but it was a pain so I probably won't bother again.

I will say that @deborhcain needs to do the JD tutorials. Her profile does not show her completing any of them.



@techguru i am always nice. In post#4 you gave a link with the awnser.



@Alan... I am not without a heart (at least the last time I checked...) :) Actually my father is suffering from senility, but you know what? He is happier now than he ever was.... Anyway, I still wish Mel would remember there is a search option. At the very least he could just use the general information tab instead of asking for help every few days or so...

As a side note, I am no longer interested in store credits... Not unless I really, really have to work to get them... Answering @nomads and Mel's question I will leave for someone else.... I wish I had your patience... I could really use them sometimes on here...


@Richard R. I feel it. And I do walk away from a lot of the more frustrating conversations as well. But I'll try to help noobs when I can, and Mel because he is such a nice guy, I cut him a lot of slack


You're a good man @alan... I promise not to tell anyone...:)


and why does my name pops up avery time.#14

i see it this way ,if you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen.



here a pic what these guys are telling

User-inserted image



its these kinds of links we never find.cause we are newbie's


@Nomad... you're not a newbie.... Stop saying you are:P



I knew you were going to get the wrath of Richard for saying "newbie".. LOL..

The Richard the Lion Hearted will get you every time, but in a good way.

The Best to All.



am a experianced newbie.i can callibrate and put the robot together, and make a pose.


@nomad.... a newbie is a term used for someone who has never done "it" before... no eperience as well.... You are niether dude... You have been here nearly as long as me...:P


@nomad, you have your challenges, and we still love you;) but you are not who we refer to when discussing noobs or newbies. Noobs are people who don't know stuff yet, bit expect will. You forget stuff, and we all know why, but you also create interesting and innovative stuff, and in many cases know enough to help others, just not on some of the more complex topics.

Don't let Richard bother you. He teases, but he isn't trying to be mean. It is just his way...



allright ok

now i know what a newbie means ,thanks alan&averyone hard part is not the forgetting , but to remember it


@Nomad... you can just tattoo it on your forehead... But make sure it's backwards so you can read it in the mirror:P



hehe is a good one.then you can read it to if you ride in front off me.


@Nomad... You should see my wall in my workshop... I have little notes all over it with things I need to remember... :)


where hacking this topic.