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Jd Set Up/Connection

So I feel like I am missing something and that the issue is quite simple however I have yet to correct it. I've been following the online tutorials step by step. I cannot get past the connection process. I am able to connect my robot to my CP via wifi. The connection exists because I am able to see an output from the camera, microphone, speaker, RGB eyes but NOT the servos. The tutorial states that when I connect the JD to the CP and I run a servo calibration that the JD will go to its "fixed position" almost upright perfect with its arms out. However, I get the humming sound from the servos and no movement. I've updated the software already assuming that might be the issue. Any suggestions?


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Are you saying the servos move into the initialization position but don't move anywhere after that? OR, the servos don't move into the initialization position at all.

  1. Can you move the servos freely by hand when they are "humming"?

  2. Are the BLACK wires of the servo matching the BLACK side of the connector on the ez-b? The black side of the servo wire is the negative, and it must connect to the black side of the ez-b. This is the same as how your speakers of a home stereo system work, or anything that has wires. The wires will need to be connected with the matching side. Check that, because it's probably as simple as that:D

See this video example from Step #3 (Building JD Humanoid)

  1. yes i can.
  2. Editing the wires now, stay tuned! Thank you for the fast response!:)
  1. Yes I can. The will not move to the initial position.
  2. No they are not. Editing the wires now, stay tuned! Thank you for the fast response!:)

cp=computer ? a video of the humming sound would be helpfull. does the sound stop when lifting jd up?