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Jd Revolution

I have calibrated everything on JD several times and he's still not calibrated. Also, my computer won't connect to JD's wi-fi. Help!


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Have you gone through ALL the JD Tutorials yet? They will answer most question.


Without being connected to JD via WiFi you can only calibrate the servos physically. In doing that, each servo will only be close to a final setting. Some may even come up perfect, but most will be at least a little off. Once you have set each servo as closely as you can, you then have to electrically calibrate them to a final position and that requires JD be connected to your WiFi so that you set up a "Servo Profile." Thus, at the moment your main problem is that you can't seem to connect.

As Mentioned by OldBotBuilder, you need to go through all the tutorials for JD. They will include a section on getting connected. Once connected, other things will start to fall into place.


Thanks guys! Hope this works!