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Jd Or Roli

Hello guys, I'm new here and hopefully a new customer for EZ-Robot.

I want to purchase a JD Revolution robot I like the fact that's it's a humanoid but I also wouldn't mind the Roli either (maneuverability). I've lately became interested in robotics so I'm new to this. I do have a programming background so I'll have lots of fun customizing my robot.

I have a lot of ideas that I plan to implement once I get my hands on a JD or Roli. (Having a conversation with it, perhaps?)

I was wondering if you guys could recommend and give me a few tips/pointers/reviews anything will help. I'm trying to make up my mind.

So how do you guys like your own? I wouldn't mind seeing what others have created as well.

Regards. :D


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Hello if I was you I would look at many of other bots others have made here and maybe get some old toys and parts to play with while you decide what you want to do

Its really cool what you can do with an old rc toy and other things

Here is a link to some robots DJ made DJ's Robots

Here is a link to my bot



its all up to what you want. robots with wheels and such are a bit easier to program and usually easier to operate, while humanoids are harder to use but offer a bit more stuff to play around with. I'd suggest looking at videos showing how both operate and buy the one that suits you.


I have order both...

roli because of carpet. jd for smooth surfaces.



@Nitrate. First Welcome to the EZ-Robot community. I personally think that you will find that this community is very helpful and interested in each others projects and progress.

I am getting all 3 of the robots plus building a couple of others from spare/bought parts. If you want to spend more time on the animation side of programming (little moves to get the robot to walk for example) go with JD. I think he will give you more options for expressions and more human interaction. If you want to get beyond that more quickly, and want a bot that can travel much further and faster, get Roli. Walking bots are slower. It just depends on the final goal of what you are building.

I would recommend downloading ARC now though. It is free and will allow you to start seeing how the interface works and how you will program your robot. There is so much that your robot will be able to do without programming, and the scripting tool is very powerful.

Good luck on your choice and we look forward to seeing how your doing with your project in the community pages!


Ah well thank you all for your advice. I think I'm more interested in the JD to be honest. One of my ideas for it was human interaction, I plan to make it do a lot of things. The Roli is nice I like that it has more manueverability but I the humanoid aspect of JD is what has sealed the deal for me.

@d.cochran thanks for the advice I'm downloading right now to try it out and see.

@Wolfie the only rc device I have is a helicopter so I don't know how I'd do that, heh.

@Sudo I looked at all of them I like how JD operates the best but I did like the fact that Roli can move around faster.

@jdebay Ah okay, I can only get one.

Thanks guys.


wolfie, I really dig your robot scraps! Super impressive


Thank you DJ I cant imagen how Scraps v2 will look lol