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Jd - Jerky Movement


I purchased the JD Humanoid kit four days ago. The first two days I built the robot, calibrated the servos, saved a servo profile, and started to play around with the functionality (movement, dances, Roboscratch) without any issues. I also connected through my Android device and created a profile for that.

The next two days I noticed the robot's movements became extremely jerky, especially when moving around (forward backward etc).

I checked the FAQ: The WiFi situation has not changed and the robot never disconnects from WiFi. I tried taking off the controller and plugging back in to the battery. I also checked the RGB cable is connected.

Is there something else I can try before I submit for warranty?

Thanks in advance for looking into this



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Thanks for the response DJ. I created a new servo profile and that seems to have resolved the issue - will close this case