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Jd Iphone 6

I am having problems with JD losing wifi connection after several minutes of connection time. I am not in an over saturated wifi area and it happens every time after a few commands are executed successfully on the iPhone 6. Everything is updated. The only way to get connection is to power JD down and reconnect. When I operate JD from my laptop everything is fine. Also I notice JD will not load my servo profiles from the iPhone. That is a problem too. What can I do about connections to the iPhone to make them last as normal as it does on my laptop ?


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Answer each question please...

  1. Does the red LED stay on the EZ-B when the connection is dropped?

  2. What iphone version do you have? 6, 6 plus? 6s? 6s plug? or just the 6. I have a 6 plus, and alan has a 6 - neither have issues. hmmm

  3. Does the iphone have a case on it? They are prone to wifi issues for lengthy periods without cases and if held incorrectly due to the location of the antenna in the top corner (which is on the side when using ARC)

  4. Have you tried changing the wifi channels on the ez-b?

  5. are you connecting in client mode or ap mode? (ie direct to robot or through network)

I have an iphone, so does everyone else at ez-robot. We haven't experienced any issues or had anything similar brought to our attention in over 10,000 units - so the tough part is to identify what could be causing this on your side.


Yes the red light stays on. I have iPhone 6 iOS 9.2 no case Connection stays on with my windows laptop. Only happens on iPhone


Perfect - the red light staying on is not a connection issue. That means the i2c had locked up, which is the rgb eyes. Over lengthy use, and a little wear and tear from handling, the cable can become lose for the rgb eyes.

Simply take the back of the head and refit the rgb eye connector. Do the same for the connector to the ezb.

Good news, it's not wifi related. Have fun!


Still having the same problem. The iPhone connects to jds wifi and then after a few commands the wifi locks up and no control. If he is walking you can't stop him. The only way is to shut JD down and close the app and restart


There is a new iphone app waiting for apple approval - it should be released within the next 2-3 days. There are enhancements to the protocol that mirror the ARC PC enhancements. I believe that may solve the issue.


Ok. I will wait for that. I was trying to test JD on my older iPhone 4s with iOS 7 and the app works but how do I get the servo provile to load. When I load the servo provile that I made on my pc, JD does not change to that provile?


Save the profile to the cloud using the save button on the servo profile. The mobile app auto syncs profiles from the cloud.

Or, easily make a profile on the mobile. I find it easier to make a profile on the mobile rather than go through the effort of saving and syncing.

Do what ever process you find easiest:)


OK, Great! Glad your up and running. However please share what the solution was. It would be nice to see what it finally turned out to be.

My EZB sometimes freezes, shuts down the WIFI and the red LED on it turns on. However I'm not using a i2c port. What causes this on my setup is when I try to send a command through a UART port without it being initiated or a command that is not structured right. I have to power cycle the EZB, reconnect and make sure the Uart port is initiated or the command is written properly.

I thought maybe you were trying to send a corrupt command through the i2c port. My other guess would be a bad cable or connection. confused


Dave, all ezb's and electronics will freeze if using a peripheral that has not been initialized, not just yours - so that's normal. There's a very short and simple logical process that needs to be executed before a peripheral is active. Think of it as remembering to put the key in the lock before twisting. The order of events is necessary to initialize the hardware. That wakes up and configures the hardware. Without doing so, the hardware will lock up.

You will see this most often with communication hardware - because communication "waits" for something to happen. The same would apply if I told you to wait for ever to read these 5 words: Apple, orange, chicken, Sky,


Thanks for the education. Good to know. I figured it was something like this. I wasn't reporting on an issue, just comparing simular behavior. It's good to see it explained in an understandable way though. Thanks!


Did you like my joke at the end?:) I was proud of that wit!


@Dj Ok... what's the last word?... gotta' know!... Apple, orange, chicken, Sky, ? Hurry before I timeout... :D


That's the thing - you will never time out as a hardware peripheral:D


Hehe, Nice DJ, I got the joke too.:D