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Jd Humanoid Robot

I am starting a project for a high school class. I am hoping to build the JD Humanoid Robot. I have already 3D printed off most of the parts, however we are hoping to make our own servos. I see on the website that you have servo stl files but there is no link or button to download them. I was wondering if I could access the stl files for the Servos to build and print our own including the same dimensions.


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I think you can print only the servo support

Servos have mechanical and electrical parts which cannot be printed

Read the tutorials


@germscheid.cody Most hobby servos are pretty much dimensionally all the same so any servo stl file of a standard servo will work... However, if you succeed in 3d printing a servo... gears then adding a motor and wiring you'll have accomplished something no home hobbiest has ever done... Servos are dirt cheap so why bother with this engineering feat? I think I will just continue to buy mine...

Good luck, though


I am currently in the process of printing the servo support, but the only reason I would be making the servos myself are for a class that i am doing. Also the servos that I am interested in are $15-$20 a piece. We have a limited budget for our builds. The other students in the class will be building their own robots. We are going to battle the final creations against each other, therefore I need heavy duty servos.


If you really want the input, the servo files on the website are only for reference, not actually a 3D printable design. It will be way more worth your while to buy servos, as you'll be putting at least that amount into the components to build your own. Not to mention decent metal gear servo's are way superior to plastic gear servos.

Shop around, and see if a shop is having a sale or bulk deal.


@germscheid.cody Have you ever seen the inside of a servo motor? Question... Did you want the servo to actually work or just to be a place holder? If you want it to work this is what you need to make your own... It has a circuit control board with surface mounted electronics, resistors, H-bridge, transistors etc. It has an electric motor with magnets, a metal core spindle with thin copper wiring wrapped around it that creates a magnet field when current is passed through the copper wire. It has a series of nylon or metal gears driven off of the motor's output shaft in order to reduce motor speed and add torque to the final servo horn... Finally it has a variable resistor called a potentiometer to for positional feedback to the servo... So you must really be a very smart kid if you can make a home made servo and have one hell of a engineering/manufacturing workshop available to you.... Below is what you are going to have to make (not print) in order to produce a working servo...

User-inserted image

Servo control board

User-inserted image

Inside a DC Motor

User-inserted image