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Are you using the original JD project off of the ez-cloud? Because you can't save anything on it. You have to have your own downloaded and saved copy on your hard drive.



yes i have saved a copie and use the latest version.i made some with the rgb. i also always open my project from the cloud.text in speech rocog are gone.



@Nomad6R You open your project from the cloud? Do you save your project to the cloud when you are done as well?

It would be better to always save your project to your hard drive, and open it from your hard drive as well. It could be possible you are opening your project from the cloud, but saving it to your computer's hard drive. Try using the "Open" on the far left. That's the one for opening projects stored on your computer. See if your project is there as well. If it is, open it and see if your changes are in that one.

Also, be sure to click the save button on the lower left of any edit window you are using before you close it. I know I have lost work because I just close the window, forgetting to click that save button first. There is no warning for you to save it. No doubt you know to do that, but I thought I would mention it anyway.


thanks wbs&mazehorizontech

i was asuming the cloud al saves.wbs indeed save on hard drive too.