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South Africa
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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Jd Examples Download


New to this and I need help with 2 things please

1. the example downloads are not downloading anyway I can find it manually and download it.

2. Then when I get to the second page of the assembly process the files are not there.

Please help....attached is the 2 pics of my error msg




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United Kingdom
The example files and the assembly instructions are installed with ARC. Uninstall ARC, reboot, reinstall the latest ARC. That should solve any issues you are having.
South Africa
Thanks I will try that....
South Africa
Na still the same files missing attached screen shot
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks for the help
So press "Sync" to download the library (the missing files)...
To help us, can you tell us what confused you with the popup message for downloading the files? Could it have been worded different?

Can you show us "the second page" where you say the files are missing?... I just did this and everything is as it should be on page 2....
South Africa
The page that says it's downloading the file as been doing that all day is that possible
South Africa
User-inserted image

It has been stuck on this page all day there is nothing showing if it is downloading and how much if at all/. Is there no way I can download the files and open them in ARC manually
Download the latest ARC (2014.10.04.00) and try again. I changed something and think it might help with your issue.
South Africa
Thanks DJ will work it later yay
South Africa
Thanks problem solved now the next step Luv this learning
great to hear! Enjoy:D